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Which Drugs Vitiligo Patients Should Careful Use

which drugs vitiliog patients should carefully useVitiligo is a chronic, stubborn and hard to cure disease. There are many drugs have clinically effect, but long time to use this medicine to treat vitiligo will produce some side effects, so these drugs should be used carefully under the doctors instructions.

(1) carefully use large dose glucocorticoid drugs: such as prednison. This medicine treat vitiligo indeed have good and quick effect and convenient to use. Glucocorticoid have good effect on controlling fast spread white spots. So some patients only suit for quick effect, use large dose glucocorticoid to treat vitiligo by themselves. These patients after long time use large dose glucocorticoid often have many side effects, once stopped taking medicine will have serious relapse phenomenon, the white spots expansion, the vitiligo seriously and add the difficulty to treat vitiligo.

Long time clinically practice proved that long time use glucocorticoid to treat vitiligo more harm than good, will produce inhibit effect to the body’s function of adrenal and have great side effects, include acne, rosacea, glaucoma, strips on skin, dermatrop, purpura, germs and fungi infectious and aggregate stomach and duodenal ulcer, high blood pressure and diabetes. More serious will cause the adrenocortical secretion inhibited and shrink. Moreover, infant and teenagers vitiligo patients long time use large dose glucocorticoid will effect their growth and development.

(2) carefully use antitumor drugs: antitumor drugs always have big side effects. Clinically used medicines to treat vitiligo is nitrogen mustard drugs, long time use this drugs easily cause the skin shrink and aged. Moreover, these drugs with strong local reaction, always make the white patches expand and spread cause by photosensitized reaction, so these drugs only apply to the vitiligo stable stage and improving phase and should be avoid in progressive stage.

(3) Carefully use copper agents: the laboratory experiment result indicate that the copper and ceruloplasmin content in vitiligo patients blood is obviously lower than normal people. The copper ion is the important prothetic group of TRY enzyme, closely related to TRY activity, so use medicine contain copper is the common way to treat vitiligo.

But directly orally take or inject copper-bath treatment have great toxic reaction, can cause poisoning. There were reports about intravenous inject copper-bath to treat vitiligo cause the patients dead cases, so this medicine should avoid to use. For safety, vitiligo patients in their daily life should eat some foods contain copper, use the copper tableware to supply copper element.


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