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Effective Vitiligo Treatments

effective vitiligo treatmentVitiligo is a chronic and hard to treat disease with complex pathogenesis, different vitiligo patients will have different reactions to the same medicine, some have good results but some have not. So every region, medical institution are trying to research and find good medicine and therapy to handle vitiligo. In fact, the more medicine and treatments were used, further proved there are no effective medicine to treat vitiligo, so the treatment with a tentative. There are ways adopted by home and abroad to treat vitiligo:

1. Pure western medicine treatment.

2. Pure traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

3. Combine traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine treatment.

4. Surgery treatment.

5. Light therapy and light chemical therapy.

From the treatment results, combine traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine treatment, combine the whole treatment and local treatment can get the best results. What need to pay attention to is vitiligo generally to treat external part that means most medicine are outside besmear medicine, especially small scale damage; if the vitiligo patients with generalized vitiligo or white patches spread in very short time should take orally medicine at the same time to control the disease condition early.

The vitiligo etiology and pathology is very complex but have difference in vitiligo type, the length of the illness and pathogenic site. Individual difference was great so the treatment always with tentative. Vitiligo is a curable disease, medicine is the main way to treat vitiligo. To those depressed caused by disease or those diseased caused by depression we should give them psychological counseling, try to make these patients cooperate with treatment and insist.

Beijing Casu Vitiligo Hospital is a specialized vitiligo hospital, only cure one disease, with year in and year out insist and thousands of successful cases, invented our own systematic um-d treatment, that is combine traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine to comprehensive treat the vitiligo and achieved great success.


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