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The treatment of Children’ s vitiligo

children's vitiligoThe onse age of children’ s vitiligo concentrate on the age of 4.6-4.8, there are 11.2%-17.32% with family history among this age area. The etiology and pathology of children’ s vitiligo disease is obviously different from adult. So the medicine adopt to treat children’ s vitiligo should carefully treated.

The symptoms and etiology of children vitiligo

Children vitiligo initial symptoms especially on head, face, neck, button, back of hands and other often exposed area, it might related to exposure to the sunlight. The hairs and fine hairs of the vitiligo area can turn white. Generally this area can not have the feeling of itch and uncomfortable. If the white spots area is too large, over exposure to the sunlight in the summer will make you burned. The pathology of children vitiligo is very complex.

In recent year, some people think the children’ s vitiligo might related to immune system disorder. Some people found the some patients lack of micro elements suck as copper,zinc, iron and so on. So they think the decrease of micro elements and biological enzyme metabolism abnormal caused vitiligo.

Children’ s vitiligo treatment is special in what aspects

First, the pathogenesis induced children’ s vitiligo gradually increased, in addition to genetic factor, environment pollution, food contamination, lively and active of the children caused the external injury increased, this are all the enemies that induced the children’ s vitiligo. Moreover, children vitiligo patient’s resistance is poorer than adult, so the medicine can not too strong. It is difficult for children to insist Long time treatment, all these make a request for the the treatment of the children must meticulously accurate. The meaning of find the children’ s initial vitiligo symptoms is very important, because the children still in the growing stage, if it delayed, the spreading rate is quite high, the spread vitiligo is very difficult to treat. So, what is the characteristics of the children’ s vitiligo? Now I’d like to introduce to you.

The characteristics of the vitiligo

(1) Vitiligo occurrence have no difference between sex, age, nationalities, every one who meet the vitiligo triggers can occur vitiligo.

(2) Vitiligo once appeared not always keep unchanged, if it not diagnose and treat promptly, the vitiligo will spread, until disfigured your skin appearance, and the treatment become hard in this stage.

(3) Treat the vitiligo once it occurred will have a high cure rate, most of it can cure, but if it was delayed for a long time, miss the best treatment period, the cure rate will dropped greatly. So early found early treatment is the best policy of the skin disease.

(4) Skin vitiligo’ s pathology and etiology still remain unclear, most of the people get the vitiligo unconsciously , except obvious incidence reason such as genetic and external injury and so on, other incidence reasons is hard to determine. But present research proved skin vitiligo attack have the tendency of lack of immunodeficiency, after skin vitiligo disease susceptibility gene was found, this incidence reason was more valued, the relative research continue to deepen.

(5) Skin vitiligo treatment is a long time treatment process, drugs combine other treatments will have a better effects, but what the vitiligo patients must clear is the skin vitiligo disease may relapse after it was cured, normally in one year after it was cured, so after the vitiligo disappear, the treatment should not stopped, instead, another course of consolidating treatment should relay to prevent it relapse.

(6) Although the skin vitiligo disease appeared is the white spots on the skin, but it closely related to the immune system, micro circulation, nerve and other internal systems. Especially nerve factor cause obvious influence to the vitiligo on the skin. There are many cases of negative emotions and mental depression cause the illness worsen, so vitiligo patients should try to relax their mind when they receive treatment, get rid of the negative mental disturbs.

Because the skin vitiligo disease have this characters, so it sure will become the typical type in the skin diseases, but it is not necessary for our to over anxious and uneasy about this, timely treat vitiligo after it was occurred can restore skin health, so when you want to treat vitiligo make sure you choose a normal hospital.


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