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Vitiligo Patients Should Do During Pregnancy

pregnant vitiligo patientMany pregnant or lactate woman with vitiligo want to know what they should do in vitiligo treatment, in this article, I’d like to make it clear in detail.

Vitiligo patients in pregnancy and lactation will undergo a series biological function adjustment, this biological change will directly influence the mother’s nutritional needs and indirectly influence the normal development of fetus and healthy growth of the baby. So the nutritional condition of woman in pregnancy and lactation is very important to mother’s health and normal development of fetus and baby.

In pregnancy, mother’s basic metabolism rate increased 10%-20% compare with before pregnancy, all kinds of nutrients needs also obviously increased, so pregnant women should proper supply protein, vitamins and micro elements. Lack of or not have enough intake will influence mother’s health and fetus normal development. Lactation women need more nutrients products to lactate, lack of or not have enough intake will directly influence mother’s health and fetus normal development. So woman in pregnancy and lactation dietary requirement improved obviously.

Vitiligo patients abnormal in immune, endocrine, metabolism, nerve and other aspects, many vitamins and micro elements relative deficiency, for their mental tension can cause psychological activities increased and sleep reduced, the body’s energy consumption increased and avoid certain food to prevent their vitiligo worsen cause nutrients relative deficiency. So vitiligo patients need a more proper dietary, add the intake amount, avoid shun of too many food types in pregnancy and lactation. And this patients should under the doctor’s instruction supply proper vitamins and micro elements such as vitamin B, AD, copper, zinc, iron, calcium and so on.

Vitiligo patients in pregnancy and lactation should avoid using antineoplastic drug, immunosuppressor, some antibiotic, avoid using drugs for external application contains irritant ingredients. Try to avoid using drugs and therapies with side effect, you can choose external drugs with less irritant ingredients and density, use some traditional Chinese medicine with high safety good for mother and fetus. Try to get rid of negative emotions, keep in good mood, pay attention to rest, make sure your sleep time, after lactation you can synthesis treat vitiligo.


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