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Home Remedies for Vitiligo

Home Remedies for VitiligoVitiligo patients how to daily maintenance their disease? This is a common concerned question. We generally suggest to pay attention to this aspects.

Often exposure to the sunlight will cause the occurrence of the vitiligo, because affected by genetic, immune, nerve and other factors cause melanincytes synthesis obstacle in local skin and hair follicles. The ultraviolet ray in the sunlight can promote melanin metabolic, so proper exposure to the sunlight can transfer melanin cells into the epidermal skin, darken the skin color and good for vitiligo treatment. But in the hot summer, the ultraviolet in sunlight on the contrary can inhibit melanin metabolic and adverse to the melanin synthesis. So try to avoid sunlight irradiation in summer.

Keep a happy mood, for nerve stimuli can cause vitiligo, so when the patients receive treatment, try to avoid any stimulation. For these negative emotions can influence patient’s nerve function, not only adverse to treatment, but also can worsen vitiligo.

If diet lack of TYR (tyrosine) also can influence melanin synthesis, so vitiligo patients need to eat more foods rich in TYR, zinc, iron and other micro elements. Such as lean meat, egg, all kinds of animal giblets, milk, towel gourd, eggplant, carrot and other fresh vegetables or bean products.

Vitiligo patients better avoid spice foods, such as pepper, garlic and green onion, include seafood, cigarettes and wines.

Mung bean contains more protein, have the effect of detoxification and spent.

So I’d like to offer 9 tips for your reference.

(1) Keep optimistic, outgoing, open and clear mood state, try to avoid nervous, excite, depress, anxious, worry, sorriness and angry these negative emotions.

(2) You should alternate work with stress ensure adequate high quality sleep.

(3) Try to build a regular lifestyle, avoid nerve system and endocrine system disorder caused by biological clock disorder.

(4) Try to find out the trigger factors, avoid the repeated and worsen of the illness state.

(5) Enhance physical training, improve body immune ability, avoid some disease will trigger vitiligo such as cold, fever, amygdalitisand so on.

(6) Clothing should wide and fit, underwear and underpants do not over tighten, try to choose pure cotton products.

(7) Avoid friction, lint oppression and external injury, avoid rub strongly when have a shower.

(8) Avoid long time exposure to the sunlight. Because the vitiligo skin lack of melanin. Long time exposure can cause this area red, worsen the illness.

(9) Avoid long time stay in the damp environment.


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