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Vitiligo Patients How to Control their Negative Emotions

vitiligo on legsMany patients have negative emotions when they known they get vitiligo, negative emotions can impact the treatment effect and speedy the vitiligo development, so vitiligo patients should try to control their negative emotions and reduce the bad effects it brought. In this article I will introduce 6 ways for vitiligo patients reference to control their negative emotions.

Almost all the vitiligo appear on the exposure parts of our body, especially on the head and face and have great influence in vitiligo patients appearance, generally you have no uncomfortable feeling but have great damage to vitiligo patient’s mental health, generally for this negative emotions, we can choose several ways to regulate:

(1) Consciousness accommodate
People’s conscious can regulate the occurrence and strength of emotion, generally speaking if vitiligo patients can clearly realize the root that induce their emotional fluctuation and help to regulate their emotion more efficiently.

(2) Language regulate
Language is a strong tool to influence people’s emotional experience and expression, you can induce or inhibit emotional reaction through language, vitiligo is not an non-cure disease, is a disease can be cured, some vitiligo patients can be cured completely, many vitiligo patients have varying different change for better, a few patients have bad treatment effect, receive treatment always better than give up treatment. Use this realistic language to control and regulate vitiligo patient’s emotion.

(3) Transference of attention
Transfer your negative emotions to some other parts, to regulate your work, humorous language, proper jokes, harmony relationship with your coworkers and your working environments and so on, all these can help the vitiligo change and develop and have positive effect of the vitiligo treatment.

(4) Behavior transfer
Transfer your emotions into strength of action, this means to transfer your low spirit emotions into the strength to take up science, culture, learning, working, art include the strength of practice penmanship, drawing and sporting.

(5) Releasing technique
Let the vitiligo patients frankly vent out their negative emotions such as the things they disagreed, think unfairly, make them moral indignation to cool down their unhappy emotions or pound at sand bags or man’s head icon to realized loose their nerve function objection.

(6) Self-control
To participate some sporting activities such as shadow boxing to self-control their negative emotions, influence biological process through mental process and reach the effect of relaxation static to get rid of nervous, anxious and other negative emotions.

These ways I mentioned above is the the 6 basic ways for vitiligo patients to control their negative emotions.


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