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What is Mixed TCM Vitiligo Therapy

Mixed TCM vitiligo TherapyMixed TCM therapy named from comprehensive treatment of some diseases, is a comprehensive treatment plan to use already known efficient drugs make the best use of this drugs until confirm special treatment drug. Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease with their etiology and pathology uncleared, treatment unsatisfactory. Some scholars use mixed TCM therapy for reference, bravely explore the vitiligo treatment and achieved a great successful.

TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) think vitiligo mainly have five disease type: deficiency of liver and kidney, liver Qi stagnation, disharmony between Qi and blood, dampness-heat in middle jiao and blockage of meridians. When specific to a particular patient, will give priority to one kind of five, but sometime may cross and related each other, when in the dialectic treatment, we should draw a clear distinction between the primary and secondary, comprehensive nursing.

With the research of TCM pharmacology deepen, people uncovered a batch of single Chinese herb and classical prescription have obvious activate efficient for SOD (superoxide dismutase) and TYR (tyrosine) enzyme, for example, there are many people in our country chose 74 pieces from ancient and modern Chinese medicine prescriptions in the treatment of vitiligo to dismantle this prescriptions and input drug pairs into the computer to rank and choose the high frequency used 89 traditional Chinese medicines, observe the influence of ethanol extract to mushroom TRY enzyme and the amount of cell-free system dopamine self oxidation generated melanin, the purpose is to find out specific traditional Chinese medicine that can regulate TYR enzyme activity and activate melanin cells.

The experiment find out there are only 19 in 89 traditional Chinese medicines can activate and increase the TYR enzyme activity and melanin generate amount, and these traditional Chinese medicines in the prescriptions used not frequently, only 4 in 89 traditional Chinese medicines range in top 20, this indicate traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions choose medicine trend discrete while use computer ranking method can distinguish the efficient traditional Chinese medicines to treat vitiligo, provide some scientific basements about choose medicines in TCM vitiligo therapy.

Synthesis the research and analysis mentioned above, we believe on the precondition of insist traditional Chinese medicine dialectic treat vitiligo, combined the pair prescription choose medicine principle with traditional Chinese medicine pharmacology research, use some natural Chinese medicine herbs rich in copper, zinc and some other elements and can activate TYR enzyme and can regulate human immunologic mechanism. Proper use mixed TCM to treat vitiligo is also a efficient way to treat vitiligo.


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