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Why TCM can Treat Vitiligo

why TCM can treat vitiligoTCM therapy treat vitiligo is a popular treatment, many people wonders why TCM can treat vitiligo, what the principle it based on. In the following part I’d like to introduce this briefly.

TCM therapy based on the TCM theoretical system, adopt dialectical treatment to vitiligo. TCM theoretical system is different from modern medical theoretical system, TCM pay more attention to the whole human body, treat it as a macro body, carefully observe whereon liver and kidney, internal body and external body, qi and blood, meridians and skin internal dialectic relations.

· TCM think the vitiligo etiology and pathology divided as seven emotions stimulating, stagnation of liver qi, the stagnation of damp-heat leads to Qi obstruction, infected by the wind-evil again, attack the superficial layer of the muscles cause the deficiency of qi and blood. Clinically adopt treatment like tonifying kidney and liver, regulating qi and blood, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis and eliminating dampness and dredging channels and so on, based on treating the same disease with different methods or treating the different diseases with same method traditional Chinese medicine theoretical system to dialectic treat the vitiligo.

· In recent years, with the traditional Chinese medicine theoretical system improvement and development, and import modern medical technology to study the true meaning of the testify of traditional Chinese medicine, more and more obviously indicate that the importance of the combination of disease and testify, micro and macro. To treat vitiligo, we have diagnosis with western medical technology and treat with traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine dialectical treat vitiligo, based on traditional Chinese medicine dialectic, the western medical technology to diagnose disease this traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine combine way to treat vitiligo, dialectical combine abandon the disease with testify or abandon testify with disease principle, and the new theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine combined with western medicine from microscopic dialect to dialectic microscopic verification. This combinations all achieved great success and draw world attention.


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