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TCM Treat Vitiligo

TCM Treat VitiligoWhat are the understandings about TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to vitiligo?

The researches of TCM to vitiligo never stopped from ancient to nowadays, TCM think the Yin and Yang are the bases, rules, changes, living and death of all things on earth. If the Yin and Yang balanced in our body, our energy, essence and spirit are at good state while Yin and Yang unbalanced in our body, our energy, essence and spirit disordered. Vitiligo was caused by wind-evil enter into our body infect external injuries influences cause the deficiency of blood and qi, lingering pathogenic toxin, injured of food and drink, emotion over strain, liver and kidney disorder, Yin and Yang unbalanced. The balance of Yin and Yang is a perfect, precise and strong self control system, from body to organs, from organs to tissues, from tissues to molecule all include this system.

There are subsystem and branch system, they all create a system of their own and controlled by the upper class system. Under the regulation of this self control system, whereon the internal body and outside world, internal systems, organs, tissues and cells always keep relative balanced intrinsic emotion. Although there are always internal and external harmful factors effect on human body, disturb and damage the Yin and Yang balance under the regulation of whole system, the body can remove this adverse factors at any time make the Yin and Yang keep in balance. If this harmful factors (improper diet and six climatic exopathogens, seven human emotions) long time and continue to effect on the body, or the body self control ability reduced can not timely remove this harmful factors, our some harmful factors effect on the body too strong excess the body balance system regulation ability, the yin and yang balance state will damaged, the body will infect disease.

The occurrence and development of vitiligo is the process of Yin and Yang lost it’s balance and was damaged. In the whole system was damaged situation, the body immune function out of control, make the tissue cell occur unorthodox differentiation phenomenon in certain part of the body that represent with the melanin cells activity reduced, catabiosis speed up lead to the autoimmune ability reduced, micro circulation obstacles. These people have deficiency of qi and blood, the wind-evil take advantage of it is the process of the development of the vitiligo. This is means vitiligo is the pathological product of Yin and Yang in disorder.

Many people mistaken the vitiligo as an no cure disease, in fact it’s not true, it only means that there are certain difficulty in the treatment, in the treatment we follow the basic principle of remove the harmful factors and strengthen the good factors adopt dialectical therapy to treat vitiligo, only in this way, can we treat the vitiligo from it root. Some scholars only pay their attention to remove the wind-evil and ignore the strengthen of good factors make healthy wind reduced, the wind-evil enter our body make the disease worsen.
TCM have a long history, extensive kownledge and profound scholarship, our medical classic Huangdi Neijing have incisive exposition on the skin disease, etiology, pathology and treatment of vitiligo.


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