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Can You Heal Vitiligo

vitiligo treatmentWhether the vitiligo can be healed? We all know the vitiligo bring bad influence to patients life, it’s easy to diagnose but hard to heal features make many patients have nothing to do with it, the vitiligo deserve us to pay more attention to it. The experts point out there are many facts can cause vitiligo, such as long time mental tension, endocrine system disorder and so on, all this need us pay special attention to. So whether the vitiligo can be healed? Let us learn about it.

We all known there are many treatments to handle the vitiligo, but the best treatment is to treat according to the reason cause vitiligo. That is during the period of patients receive the treatment, the vitiligo diagnosis must correct and clear, decided the cause and type of the vitiligo and so on. Adopt a targeted treatment is necessary.

What the patients need to pay attention to is never blindly accept consumption of drugs to treat vitiligo, if you dose, it may have some effects temperately, but with the time went by, the patient will dependent on the drug, if you try to use other medicine, you may hard to get the result you want, that will make the treatment result not you wanted and add the difficulty to treat the vitiligo. Only if patients positively cooperate with doctor in the treatment, the possibility to cure the vitiligo is large.

Experts point out that the melanin regenerate therapy is a better treatment for vitiligo, this therapy can achieve a better effect, this treatment can improve the micro circulation in patient’s blood, the medicine directly penetrate into the blood vessels of the white spots, can rejuvenate the melanin cells, promote melanin cells regenerate and finally achieve the purples to get rid of the vitiligo.

The medicine we always used to treat the vitiligo are psoralen and it’s ramifications like methoxsalen. Usually orally take the methoxsalen then irradiate with ultraviolet. Or use large dose vitamin such as vitamin B. Use the medicine contain copper ion to treat such as 0.5% copper sulfate oral solution. Use immune regulator such as levamisole oral, Freeze-dried BCG vaccine (BCG) intramuscular injection, Oral bovine placenta and so on. Or use skin irritant to inundate the topical skin to make the skin produce inflammatory reaction, promote the pigment regenerate, this often apply to small scale lesion, after use this medicine, there will have bulla appeared in the lesion. There are also have another medicine can treat vitiligo is corticosteroid hormone.

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