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Whether Vitiligo can be Covered by Makeup

vitiligo traditional treatmentCover therapy it means to use some makeup contain dyestuff to coat your vitiligo area, make the skin color in that area is approach to the skin around there. This therapy also called beautified therapy, the treatment efficiency is short, it used often for the social contact need, can bring the confidence to the patients, but what I want to point out is that often and long time use the cover cosmetics will surely influenced the vitiligo treatment result. What I mentioned in this article is about the side effects of using this therapy.

How many influences the cosmetic will bring to vitiligo patients? Whether vitiligo can be covered by cosmetics? With the rapid development of our society, people’s health problems comes more and more, if you have poor health condition, the virus easier to enter your body, the rate to get all diseases is higher, vitiligo is the common skin disease in our daily life, vitiligo cause much damage to our daily life especially for those women pursue beauty, the female vitiligo always want to use the cosmetic to cover their vitiligo, but they don’t know whether if it will influence their disease, let’s take a look about the influence the vitiligo brings to our body.

Many vitiligo patients with white spots on their face desperately want the cover their face with vitiligo especially female vitiligo patients, sometimes after short time treatment without a result they are urgently need to use cosmetics and some cover cream to shade their vitiligo. In fact, the makeup products have great influence in the treatment and occurrence of vitiligo. Dependent to much on makeups not only can not bring the covering results but also will accelerate the expand of vitiligo.

The doctor explains that use mercury contents exceed standard cosmetics will not only bring the directly damage to the skin, but also damage to body nerve system, blood production system, liver, kidney and reproductive systems when the mercury absorb by the skin went into the body. It will cause infertility, for pregnant women it will influence the fetal development through placenta.

In fact most of the cover cream contain some chemical elements like mercury and lead. This chemical elements not only have no treatment effect for vitiligo, but also coating in the vitiligo skin will block the pore not good for the medicine absorption. Once you stopped using the cover cream, withe the metabolism of the epidermal skin, the pigment in the vitiligo will gradually loss. So, no matter cover creams or makeup in fact have no treatment effect or control effect for the vitiligo and even will worsen the disease. The vitiligo patients should positively treat the disease, cooperate with your doctor to handle the disease together.

Warmly suggest the patients: in the choosing of the cosmetics have cover effect, prudently choose the external embrocation only contains light sensitive agents and no other products might stimulate the skin, and this cover products have very short time cover effect, generally only in a week. So , for the vitiligo patients, we suggest try to use as less cover cosmetics as possible, even if it is necessary, you should prudently.

If it is possible for you, you’d better to treat vitiligo from it’s root, stop using this way to cover the vitiligo.


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