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Laser in the Treatment of Vitiligo

laser in the treatment of vitiligoLaser is a new light source appeared in 20 60th , it is a high strength of coherent light produced by substances triggered by laser radiation, it work on living body through light mechanism, electromagnetic effect. Medical use laser devices have many types, commonly used are carbon dioxide laser device, chloridion laser device, helium-neon laser device, ruby laser device and so on. Different laser devices can be chosen in medically to prevent and treat disease or promote body recovery according to different conditions.

Laser in the treatment of vitiligo through the lights. The lights included ultraviolet included long wave length ultraviolet. Ultraviolet ray can activate tyramine oxidase in melanin and increase it activity, it represent as the melanin cells increased in unit area, the generate of melanin body is exuberant, move faster, so the ultraviolet ray is the power for the melanin cells produce melanin. Some laser such as chloridion, helium-neon laser and other rays can emit efficient wave length ultraviolet ray also can treat vitiligo. Although the exposure of these lasers are strong than black light, the effect of the treatment will improved by local implication or systemic administration.

At present many medical researches proved that the 308nm wave length excimer laser treat the vitiligo have better effect. The researches indicates 308nm excimer laser treatment have high curative effect in stable stage with less side effects, the treatment effect related to the lesion anatomy location, the treatment effect is better on the face and neck than the trunk, all fours, and the trunk, all fours is better than the joint of acra. 308nm excimer laser joint with 0.03%-0.1% tacrolimus ointment and Thymopolypeptides Injection can reduce the inefficiency rate of vitiligo treatment, 308nm excimer laser joint with tacrolimus ointment and Calcipotriol Ointment can improve the pigment recovery rate to 75%.


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