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Why Psoralen Can Treating Vitiligo

vitiligo treatmentPsoralen belongs to Nan coumarin family, psoralen and it’s ramification is phototoxic agents can not produce melanin directly, it can specific absorb ultraviolet ray to produce photo biological effect to achieve it treating objection. Psoralen was the first and all the time applied to treat vitiligo. The mechanism of psoralen to treat vitiligo is as followed: a. Increase the efficiency of the skin contact with ultraviolet ray, increase the melanin cells’ s density in epidermal skin, change restore melanin oxygen into melanin and improve it spread; b. Through the cutaneous inflammation reaction damage the sulfhydryl compounds in the skin, activate TRY enzyme activity, increase the synthesis and transport of the melanin to restore the pigment; c. Stimulate the karatin formed into cells and release the melanin cells growth factor make the remain melanin cells in the epidermal skin and hair follicle increase and generate; d. Remove any vitiligo related antibody expression in melanin cells, block it’s damage to melanin cells. Current use psoralen included methoxsalen (8-methoxy-psoralen) and 4, 5, 8-trimethylpsoralen-3 (TMP), 8-MOP is extract from a plant Ammimajuslinn grow in mediterranea region while the TMP was artificially synthesized in 1960. For adult patients with large scale lesion generally suggest to take psoralen orally, irradiate with long wave ultraviolet ray after taking medicine; for small scale lesion adults or children patients, irradiate with long wave ultraviolet ray after local application, measured by the appearance of red spots. The melanin cells in the vitiligo epidermal skin completely disappeared but the non-function melanin cells outside of the hair follicle inside the root sheath still exist, it’s number and distribution approximately to the normal.

During the vitiligo restore period, there are newly functional melanin cells appeared in epidermal skin, non-function melanin cells outside of the hair follicle inside the root sheath increased than normal skin and vitiligo skin and also appeared functional melanin cells. The restore process first start from the hair follicle lower middle part, the medicine might stimulate non-function melanin cells outside of the hair follicle inside the root sheath and make it divide, proliferate and move up along the outside of hair follicle inside root sheath enter the epidermal skin. During it’s moving process, the melanin cells function and shape are gradually mature, dopa reaction from weak to strong, the branches increased and extended, after entered into the epidermal skin, melanin cells will continue to expand around the hair follicles hole center formed into hair follicle holes pigment island that often appeared in clinically.


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