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How to Treat Vitiligo Naturally

Vitiligo is an auto-immune disorder of skin disease. Vitiligo can occur any gender, age, and race and human body. And the there are many types of vitiligo.

The acral vitiligo is the white spot occur on finger, toes, hand, feet. If you can’t get a professional treatment, which is easy to spread to hand and face, especially lip and around eye that can cause great influences on appearance, life, work and communication.

Because the blood circulation of hand and feet the acral areas are slow. So the effects show slower than the other areas. But the head and face show relative fast effect than the other areas.

The home therapy is to use some oil, lice olive oil, and coal tar as natural therapies for vitiligo. Bath therapy is the most common type naturally. And the diets you can also supplement trance element of cupper, zinc ions from animal liver or kidney. But you should not eat lamp, seafood and vitamin C. Beside the vitamin C, the other types of vitamins are good for vitiligo.

Natural therapy is good for vitiligo, but it takes a long time to show effect. Some patients even no change, but it can maintain a stable condition if you can avoid the triggers.

To pay attention to the triggers, and apply some natural therapy can be a part of lifestyle. We should never rely on the natural therapy completely. You may delay the best treatment time, and not all natural therapy suit you. Because there are many causes, only you treat your symptoms based on your cause, then the effects can show effectively and fast.

And some strange natural therapy can cause some side effects or complications. But there are some well-known natural therapies, you can have a try.

If you still have any vitiligo problems, you can consult our online doctor, you can also leave your disease information. Then you send to we will try to give you a professional solution. But if you want to have a treatment from the root, you should figure out the real cause.


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