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PUVB - A Kind of Useful Vitiligo Treatment

A kind of useful vitiligo treatment-PUVBNowadays, there are many treatments for vitiligo.And here is a kind of treatment is called PUVB.It is also called photochemical composite engineering.The application of PUVB in clinic(All warehouse phototherapy/half warehouse phototherapy/local phototherapy) is as followed:

1.The introduction of photochemical composite engineering:

It is also called PUVB.It means take psoralen orally or externally and then assisting with long wave ultraviolet ray(or sunshine) irradiation.The treatment is have a long history.From the big may seed using by Egyptians to present medicines sold on the market(include some traditional Chinese medicine, are all based on the same theory.At present, they are one of the main methods for vitiligo treatment.Promote the melanin cell DNA replication, thereby increasing the number of melanocyte and inhibiting abnormal autoimmune responses in the body of vitiligo patients.

2.Effect and mechanism (all warehouse/half warehouse/local phototherapy) :

The mechanism of NB - UVB irradiation in the treatment of vitiligo is mainly to generate biochemical reaction though irradiation and the mechanism is very complicated. A large number of laboratory diagnosis and evidence-based medicine demonstrations can be simply summarized as follow:

After irradiation(whole-body irradiation and local irradiation),it will generate whole-body light combination,neuromodulation effect,cellular elements effect.

Accelerate infiltrative pathology T lymphocyte apoptosis in skin lesions,inhibit the release of melanin cells dissolved factor ,and protect the melanin cell activation.

Play a role of immunomodulatory effects by secreting cellular regulator.

Activate tyrosinase activation in body and promote melanophore formation.

3.Adaptation disease(all warehouse/half warehouse):

(1)Patients over 12 years old

(2)Vitiligo,psoriasis, atopic dermatitis,photosensitive skin diseases(such as polymorphous light eruption, solar urticaria,Red blood cells porphyrin disease ,etc),lichen planus, vulgaris acne,mycosis fungoides ,pityriasis lichenoides, etc.

(3)Application range:distributing type of vitiligo,generalized type of vitiligo.

4.Contraindication(all warehouse/half warehouse):

(1)Absolute contraindication:xeroderma pigmentosum,nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome (NBCCS),hereditary dysplastic nevus syndrome,SLE,dermatomyositis, trichothiodystrophy, patients having malignant melanoma history.

(2)Mainly relative contraindication:A history of other non melanoma skin cancer;Used as arsenic agent or ion radiation therapy;With precancerous skin lesions;With immunosuppressant therapy;Gestation period;Porphyrinopathy; Hyperthyroidism;Active tuberculosis.

(3)Minor relative contraindication:Bulla class without blister sores;No blister sores;Ever or now received MTX treatment;A history of malignant tumor;Incomplete heart function;Cataract.

5.Local phototherapy:

UV236B ultraviolet therapeutic instrument:

Adaptation disease:The irradiation on both hands,both feet,head,face,four limbs skin local position.

UV109B ultraviolet therapeutic instrument:

Adaptation disease:It is mainly aimed at positions hard to be irradiated,such as folds,genitals,vaginal area,oxter,scalp,finger nail,etc.

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