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How Long Vitiligo Can Cure

Vitiligo is a skin disease, but it occurrence related to many reasons, many other diseases can also cause the vitiligo. every patients wish to get recovery as quickly as possible, but the treatment may affected by many aspects. this artical try to explain the factors effect the treatment time of vitiligo from 6 aspects.

(1) Disease time: on the early stage ( in three months ) can be cured in 3-10 months and promise quick returns most of the patients have good effect, generally speaking, after 10 days treatment can be seen;intermediate stage patients ( the occurrence time of the disease is in 4-26 months ) can be cure in at least 6 months; the patients with vitiligo for a longer time ( the occurrence of the disease is more than 4 years ) can be cured in at least one year and the difficulty of the treatment is harder.

(2) Lesion size: the lesion size is between the size of grain to fingernail distribute in the shape of limited spots can be cured in 3-10 months; there are only one patch of white spots in whole body with the size of one palm can be cured in 8-14 months; with the size of 2-3 palms can be cured in 10-16 months; the size of the white patches is bigger and with many white patches distribute around the body can be cured in 2-4 years.

(3) Lesion part: the lesion part on the face is easy to be cured and have better effect. The order of easy recover part respectively are head and all fours. The treatment time of joint and mucous part of the arms and legs are longer and the cure rate is low. The hair in the head become white or gray is easy to turn black. The eyebrow become white is easier to cure, the eyelashes become white is hard to turn to the normal color.

(4) Age: the treatment effect of children and teenagers are better than senior.

(5) Individual difference: living habits, mental state, physical condition and other individual difference can cause the different treatment effects. The patients with some negative habits like picky food, fond of drinking and smoking, the children who likes eating junk food will have long time treatment; the patients keep in good and even mental state will get a better treatment effect than the patients with long time mental tension, depression, insomnia and nerve system function disorder; the difficulty of children with obesity and white skin is increased.

(6) The type of lesion: limited small size of lesion can reach the cure rate of 96%; nerve segmental vitiligo can reach the high cure rate of 98%, but this type vitiligo have slow effect and longer treatment, the effect can be seen even after 9 months of treatment. The patients with bigger size of white patches and more serious disease condition will need 2-3 years can be cured. This kind of disease the pigment of lesion area is completely loss, need to transplant the epidermal skin in the other part of the body; sporadic lesion with bigger size distribute along the joints, all fours, hands and feet with uneven disease condition is harder to cure; the generated lesion vitiligo is the most hard type to cure, the cure rate is low to 5%.

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