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How Many Remedial Method Vitiligo Have

vitiligo in handsVitiligo is a kind of disease easy to diagnose difficult to treat, how to control and treat vitiligo ? Attaches great importance to the development of the disease , timely treat the disease avoid it worsen cause white spot spread. Now I’d like to detailed analysis the vitiligo.

If the early vitiligo can cure?

It’s well known that vitiligo is a condition in which the tyrosine system in pigment cells are destroyed, resulting in irregularly shaped white patches. So catch this point, the early vitiligo can be cured. Want to cure vitiligo, you should learn about the etiology of it. The cause of vitiligo is complex , and many factors that can induce vitiligo. Vitiligo related to many diseases.

The reason why methods and techniques all failed in treating vitiligo?

1. It’s really hard to persuade vitiligo patients under 5 years old taking the medicine, and make them o-operated with the doctor’s treatment is also not easy, so it’s a long road to control the disease. This outside factors increased the difficulty to cure this disease.

2. The best treatment area is within 100 square centimeters, the area is too big will increase the difficulty to treat vitiligo.

3. If a vitiligo patients older than 50 years, Since this people’s biological cells reproduce slowly , their immunity also will gradually decline, the difficulty of this treatment is larger .

4. What does the remedial method with vitiligo have?

1. Use the traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of vitiligo Work have slow effect, and the only advantage is that can control the illness , but the cure rate is very poor , only about 1 %.

2. General therapy with Chinese medicine treatment . Solve the fundamental problem of vitiligo and will never reappear. Why we could promised this? The first reason it that we have a long history of treating of this disease, with the most advanced technology in home and abroad, vitiligo treatment is our department professional expertise , so we are the pioneers of both at home and abroad for vitiligo.

3. Use the Western medicine in the vitiligo treatment have some Side effects , difficult to control the condition ,the recurrence rate of the disease is more than 95 %. Suggest not use western medicine treatment ,the cure rate are about 1 %.

4. Apply for the drugs for eternal use. It seems have effect but not as effective as it seems to be, in fact have no effect at all.

5. Laser treatment. Laser treatment has quick effect in the vitiligo treatment, can not reach the treatment goal, because it seems that the vitiligo is only a skin disease, but the real cause is the internal injury, so this treatment often out of the suggestion.

So we also adopt the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine to cure this disease.


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