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How to Prevent and Treat Vitiligo

1. What is Vitiligo

The onset of vitiligo usually happen after birth and see more at young adults. Any part of the skin might catch this disease, but vitiligo easier happen to the skin vulnerable to light and get a friction injury, such as the face, neck, arms and legs, this parts easier to get vitiligo. Some vitiligo distribute in the shape of segmental along the nerves. The skin damage manifested as white spots which also called pigment loss spots, the white spots is not the same size and shape. During the progressive period, the white spots spread to the flesh color skin, and spread very fast And there are isomorphic reaction: in the skin suffered from the pressure, friction, trauma might occurred vitiligo. In the stable period, the white spots stop spreading and clear boundary with pigmentation ring on the edge.

vitiligo on head

2. Whether it is Vitiligo or not

Distinguish the vitiligo mainly by eye observation, if you saw the skin lesion present as milky white pigment completely depigmentation spots, the texture on the surface of the skin is normal and no uncomfortable feeling, then you could initially diagnosed this disease as vitiligo. Ultraviolet also can help to diagnose the vitiligo. The more reduce in the skin pigments, the more distinctive when it compared with the surrounding skin.

3. How Many Skin Disease Might Confused With Vitiligo

Anemia nevus easily mistaken for vitiligo, some people born with 3-6 centimeters long white spots and the pigment is normal in the white spots, just the small blood vessels in the white spot in contracting,the blood flow through the white spots reduced makes the skin looks a little white. In fact there is no relationship between the anemia nevus and the anemia we often speak. If you press the white spots with the glass to see, you will find the skin color in the white spots and surrounding skin is the same. No pigmented nevus is easily mistaken for vitiligo, it often found in the time of the child birth, the white patches diameter is about a few cm, in fact there still have pigment around the white patches although the pigment was reduced, this disease can not cured in one’s all life. Pityriasis alba in some places, people call it a bug, it is a common disease, the white patches often in the shape of round or oval covered with small scales often appeared on the face of the children, it obvious during the seasons of spring and summer. Idiopathic decreased pigmentation spot is common in the elderly, manifested as the white spots with diameters about 5mm, it may have many white spots in same size and will not change or integrated. The white spots often spread in the the front arms, front legs, behind the back, this disease related to exposure to to sunlight. There another disease like vitiligo, this disease is a genetic disease, rarely seen, the white spots spread in the central of the forehead, trunk, all fours, generally it will not spread in the back, most people who suffer from this disease have white hair in their forehead.

4. How to Cure the Vitiligo

a.phototherapy:Including photo chemical therapy, this therapy can treat as the first choice of vitiligo patients above 6.

b.glucocorticoid therapy: the rapid progress vitiligo can apply glucocorticoid to control and limited the spread of vitiligo, in the early phase of the vitiligo, I’d like to suggest you to apply the glucocorticoid for the external use, if the pigment do not regenerated in three month you must stop taking the medicine.

c.decoloring treatment:for the generalized vitiligo, residual pigment can remove by using bleaching agent, this area need to use the light protection for whole life.

d.psychological support.

5. How to Prevent the Vitiligo

Although the mechanism of the vitiligo still remain unclear, but researches show that the psychological trauma, mental tension and strain in the brain might induce or aggravate the vitiligo, external injury, over exposure to the sunlight, burnt by sunlight also can trigger the vitiligo, the vitiligo patients often with abnormal immune system, suffer from the damage of melanocyte. Environmental pollution also can trigger the vitiligo, the lack of microelement copper also can lead to the decrease of the activity of tyrosine and affected the melanin metabolism. The onset of vitiligo also related to the heredity.

Genetic factor can decided whether you subject to the vitiligo or not, we can not change this at present, so to prevent the vitiligo what you should do is to make sure you live a regular life, eat a variety of food. avoid over exposure to the sunlight, avoid mental stimulation.


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