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The Inspection of Vitiligo

Vitiligo InspectionLaboratory Inspection

In plentiful researches of vitiligo,it is found that vitiligo patients’ various kinds of laboratory inspection are abnormal.Although these abnormal phenomena are nonspecific,they have definite reference significance for vitiligo diagnosis ,treatment and pathogenesis.

1.Blood examination

It is necessary to do some blood examinations before treatment or during treatment.We can find some abnormal phenomena or potential internal organs lesion,which can help to identify root causes , improve recovery rate and help patients’ recovery.

(1)Blood gas analysis: pH value determination: After comparing 100 vitiligo patients with 100 normal person, we can find that vitiligo patients have an average of 7.3650 and normal persons have an average of 7.3888. Vitiligo patients’ blood pH value is slightly lower than the normal.

(2)Blood routine examination: most patients with vitiligo are accompanied with anemia and the decrease of white blood cells and blood platelets.

2.Microelement examination

Comparing the trace elements copper of 100 patients’ hair with vitiligo and 100 normal person’s hair ,it is found that patients with vitiligo have an average of 8.6898 u g/g while normal human is 10.0703 u g/g.It shows that patients with vitiligo is closely related to low copper. After detecting,zinc, tin and manganese have no obvious difference with normal person.Other differences include the decrease of serum copper oxidase activity ,the increase of serum monoamine oxidase and the improvement of serum ceruloplasmin.Besides, there are also reports about chromosome aberration and microcirculation disturbance.

3.Wood light examination

Under wood light,skin pigmentary variation is quite obvious,but dermal pigmentary variation is unapparent.

If you find yourself getting some potential symptoms of vitiligo, you should go to professional vitiligo hospital to have a thorough examination and consult professional experts’ idea to treat this disease.Pay attention not to eat medicine blindly.


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