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Some Useful Life Guidance for Vitiligo Patients

Life Guidance for Vitiligo Treatment1.Smoking cessation.

Medical community domestic and overseas has not made too deep researches on the relationship of smoking and vitiligo.Reports about it are also a bit few.And there is no obvious relationship between smoking and vitiligo morbidity and condition change.Smoking has no effect on vitiligo skin lesion,and also has no straightforward relationship with recurrence and therapeutic effect.But from the view that smoking does harm to body,vitiligo patients should reduce smoking or quit smoking.Especially for patients whose vitiligo is in development stage and blood-stasis syndrome in clinic,it is quite necessary to quit smoking.

2.Alcohol drinking is not allowed.

Alcohol drinking will cause microcirculation disturbance: peripheral venule expands and extravasated blood.Blood stagnation will snag blood return and make histocyte ischemia anoxia.Thus,aggravate melanophore damage and vitiligo diffusion.Heavy drinking will also narcotize skin microcirculation blood vessels regulation function,thus lead to human’s resistance for coldness weaken and easily cause chilblain,frostbite.Even do harm to internal organs of the body,such as alcoholic cirrhosis,cardiovascular system damage and etc.

Therefore,whatever healthy people or vitiligo patients,alcohol drinking will hurt the body to some extent.Vitiligo patients can not drink all the more.

3.Take a correct bath.

A bath has many effect,.It can clean up our body,keep us calm,alleviate fatigue, speed up the circulation of the blood,moisten skin and increase skin elasticity.It will alleviate skin discomfort feeling and promote external medicine permeate to skin to increase pesticide effect.Rational bath can clean up the skin,increase defense capability and immunity.Irrational bath may hurt skin and induce and aggravate some skin diseases.On general,we take a bath every day or every other day,or change bath times according to weather change.The water temperature should be proper,not too high.After a bath, rinse thoroughly with water and coating some external medicine after drying the body to increase medical effect.Patients in development stage should try to decrease bath times to avoid isomorphic reaction caused by rub.Forbidden detergent containing whitening ingredients


After solar radiation of the body,it will promote skin metabolism,increase antiviral ability and enhance body health.Ultraviolet ray in sunlight will irradiate to human body so that to enlarge melanophore in skin,increase tyrosinase activity,increase melanin content. After straight sunshine on lesion skin,it will generate biochemical reaction to increase melanophore function and promote melanin synthesis.Whole body light bath is more suitable for generalized vitiligo patients.In summer and autumn,you should reduce irradiation times and shorten irradiation time to avoid intense light irradiation inducing dermatitis and aggravate illness.In spring and winter,you can increase times appropriately to enhance effect.Pay attention not get a cold.


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