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How to select methods and medicines for vitiligo treatment accurately?

Vitiligo Treatment Methods and MedicineMethods and medicines for vitiligo are quite various.Although they each other has no special effects,they have their own effect and merit and demerit. After long-term clinical practice test,some treatments and medicines have been used less and or been stopped,such as copper ion intravenous therapy;some are still using and have become main therapy,such as ficusin medicine and glucocorticoid therapy; some are still in exploratory stage,such as laser and operative treatment.In medical therapy process,a kind of medicine may be better for parts of patients,but not so effective for other patients,and even ineffective.Therefore, the latter needs to change to different medicines frequently;some patients may feel good about a kind of medicine but the effect may decrease after long time using.In this situation,they also need to change their medicine.

Vitiligo mainly uses external treatment(locally using medicine),especially for small area damage.In vast rural area,we can consider home remedy and proved recipe preferentially;in cities and towns,where the medical condition is better , we can consider using scurfpea fruit class of coumarin of furan drug for external coating.If patients appear local red and swollen and their vitiligo spreads after inflammation gets vanished or those in development stage, we should use small irritant drug or glucocorticoid preparation for external coating.

It is commonly thought that chlorrnethine hydrochloride tinclure,mustard gas ointment,psoralens medicine,such as methoxsalen,bergamot oil ethanol solution and etc which can easily arouse rubefaction, skin tumidness, skin blister and other intense skin stimulus response or phototoxic reaction,sometimes can induce local skin isomorphic reaction to enlarge vitiligo.To decrease these reaction,we can take some measures .For example ,change daytime to night,change midday to dusk,or shorten illumination time,or decrease coating and light times,or decrease drug concentration appropriately .On the contrary,after coating ,if the local reaction is not obvious,we can improve drug concentration or prolong insolation time.

At present,there are some successful experience around the world.If patients can treat their disease immediately,forwardly,patiently, and keep perserve in treatment process,it will generally get good effect.


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