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How to Treat Your Kid’s of Vitiligo

How to Treat Your Kid’s of Vitiligo,VitiligoVitiligo has been a common skin disease which can attack any people, any race and age. Some people get vitiligo when they are very old, some kids can also capture it when they are very young.

There are many cases of vitiligo, pressure, environment, injury, infection. And there is also a factor of gene, so it is a genetic skin disorder. So some patients have family history of vitiligo. That is not to say the kid will definitely get vitiligo. But there is the trance that vitiligo patients can pass this problem to the next generation. If both of the parents have vitiligo, the kids have a high rate to capture vitiligo.

When the kid gets vitiligo, the white patches can occur any areas of your body. And if you know about the vitiligo, you know it doesn’t infect the others, but it can spread caused by pressure, improper diets and so on.

So we advice the kids get early diagnosis, early treatments, and early recovery. The safe medication and treatments are necessary.

The most normal medicine is western hormone medicine, tablets, anti-immune medicine, and anti-inflammation medicine. The treatments are some laser therapy, UV light, NB-UVB light.

But the western treatments and medicine only have a temporary effect, and it is not safe for long term usage. When you stop using them, the condition can get worse than before.

So there are some of the treatments and medicine to adjust patient body and immune system. Some Chinese herb medicine and five elements bath therapy, medical steam treatments and herb medication on the acupuncture absorption treatments are the safe and long term treatments.

We think that the treatment to adjust the patient body is much more significant to remove the symptoms.

The herbs come from the natural plants, and it need be boiled into brown medical soup. This herb medicine can be used to oral medication which need you drink. And the medicine also can be used as bath, steam therapy that will be absorbed by your skin rather than your mouth, so the skin can also have a comprehensive absorption.

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