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Vitiligo Medication: The TCM Herb Medicine

Vitiligo Medication: The TCM Herb Medicine,VitiligoVitiligo is skin disorder show the symptoms on skin, but the causes are differ from people to people. So if we want a comprehensive treatment, we should also figure out the real cause based on his or her owe condition to give the treatments.

Of course, we should also make a clear diagnosis of the concrete type and stage of the patents. There are many causes like sun exposure, injury, infection, overtake of vitamin C, lack of trance element, even heredity.

You may have one of couple of the cause from that. But once you have suffered from the vitiligo, there is inflammatory factors that can cause the vitilito color loss occur again and again. So we should remove the blood toxin, blood protein. That the causes called blood toxin is from the TCM which is traditional Chinese medicine aspect. The symptoms show on skin, the causes mainly exist in blood, the internal organs disorder so that produce the toxin, and the skin surface also with causes and the show the symptoms mainly.

So in China, our doctor to treat vitiligo is not to treat skin color loss, but we can remove the blood toxin and that is the real cause. So there is a kind of medicine which is a type of herb medicine that is to remove the blood toxin with long history and it can be used to treat all kinds of diseases. When the skin disease hospital studied the herb medicine to treat vitiligo, which with the herb medication features. The herb medication is safe and without side effects compared to the western medicine or tablets.

Of course, the Chinese medication is different from the pills that is from the nature plants. And the medicine is bitter to drink. But there is a saying that bitter medicine with good effects. This medicine with long term effect.

The Chinese herb medicine should take some terms. And the effect is slow to show compared to the anti-immune and anti-inflammation medication. So we should have the patient to wait the effects.

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