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TCM For Vitiligo: The Chinese Medical Steam Therapy

TCM For Vitiligo: The Chinese Medical Steam Therapy,VitiligoVitiligo is also a chronic skin disease, which can last long time. If you suffered the skin disorder for long time, you should know about the feature of skin color loss and the normal medication and treatments.

The common therapy is the cream and anti-immune and anti-inflammation medication. The effects are good, but normally that are the short time effects. So we still need a safe and long term treatments for the chronic disease.

TCM means the traditional Chinese medicine that can orally intake. If can also be used as a five element bath therapy. The Chinese medicine is he herb medicine that can be made into steam to work on the deep side of skin.

When the herb medicine becomes steam then the medicine can be absorbed comprehensively than the oral intake. The steam degree reach 38-40 degree, so it is hot. But we should know that the high degree can promote the absorption of medicine. And this treatment is safe without side effects but hot, you need drink more water. It takes 20 minutes in the process. There is the Chinese herb medicine, but the facility is not from China. So it is also a western and Chinese combined treatment.

The Chinese treatment and medicine has a long history. But the effects are slow, while it is also a long term effects. So it should be a good choice for the vitiligo and other types’ diseases. The modern medical knowledge development, the new treatments occur. The effects are fast and obvious, but the problem is that the effects can’t last too long time. When you stop use the treatments or medicine that can occur again. So if we want a long term effect, we can combine the two types’ treatments together. And in China, the combined treatments have been studied for decades years. The combined vitiligo treatments with obvious effects. And if you also pay attention to the triggers the effects can last for years. There are many recovery cases, their vitiligo won’t occur for years even cured. At least it is a long term effect.

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