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The Combined Treatments Of TCM and Western Treatments For Vitiligo

The Combined Treatments Of TCM and Western Treatments For Vitiligo,VitiligoVitiligo has been a common skin disease, especially for the black color people. And there are also varies of treatments for vitiligo.

Western treatments for vitiligo

In modern medical theory that vitiligo is a immune disorder. And there are many medication with anti-immune and ant-inflammation effects. The effects are good and fast. But the problems you may have fund that the effects can’t last long time.

The common treatments for relative severe cases are UVB and NB-UVB therapy. But you can’t always use the light therapy that is only to stimulate the skin to product pigment. The there are many causes that can cause the skin cells lose or lack the effects to produce pigment. There are many western treatments that can promote the pigment exist, but it is not from the cause, so it is a short time effects.

TCM for vitiligo therapy

Do you know what is TCM? That is a herb medicine to treat diseases. It comes from the ancient China.

Normally, one disease need many types of herbs. And the different patients will take different herb medicines even they suffer the same disease with similar symptoms and signs. The amount and types of herbs should depends on the diagnosis and physical condition that are diagnosed by the doctor.

Vitiliso can also be treated by the herb medicine. There are the doctors to study vitiligo and the herb medicine. And the herbs are to adjust the body. And the TCM thinks all disease show the symptoms on skin, but the causes are in blood, while the root is in the internal organs. So TCM is to treat blood. The advantages are TCM is safe, and with long time effects.

The combination of TCM as well as western treatments

With the need and development of world, there is a need to combine the two types of treatments together to treat vitiligo, the effects will show both treatments.

So the western treatments can be used to treat the symptoms. The TCM can adjust the patient body and remove the blood toxin to prevent the recurrence of it.

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