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TCM Detox Therapy for Vitiligo

TCM Detox Therapy for Vitiligo,VitiligoAs we all know the vitiligo show the symptoms on skin. But where are the causes of vitiligo? Only we figure out the real cause, and treat from the different type and stage, then the treatments can show more fast and effective.

Cause--Blood toxin

In modern medical opinion that the vitiligo is is immune disorder, so we should adjust immune. There are medication to curb immune. The effects are good, but it can’t last long time.

The gene and over exposure can also cause the onset of vitiligo. And some of the patients have a family history. There is a case that there are 4 vitiligo patients in one family.

In traditional Chinese Medicine opinion that the real cause is underneath skin. And the inflammation in blood is the real cause. So the blood toxin is the treatments key point.

Detox treatments--medical steam therapy

The detox treatments are to detox the blood. And there are many Chinese herb medicines that can remove the blood toxin. And there are many forms to be used.

There is a type of Chinese herb medical steam treatments for vitiligo. The medical materials are made into steam air. And the degree is high to 38-40 degree. And the medical steam will touch skin directly, them the skin will absorb the effective herbs medicine.

And before you starting the treatments, you should eat something, or you may feel sick or dizzy. The time is normally 20 minutes, which is the proper time for patients. The only thing is that you will feel hot because of the steam.

The medical bath is also work on your whole body skin. So the herbal medical water for you bath, you can take this most common and easy medical bath therapy. Based on the different diseases and patients condition. There will apply different herbs. And every day should also take different types of herbs for each patient.

The TCM treatment will treat the body, not only the symptoms.

The symptoms are easy to be removed, but the real causes inside your body is not easy to remove. So we should treat the internal causes instead of the symptoms.

There should also have the bath therapy and detox treatments for vitiligo. All are bath therapy, but there will show the different effects.

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