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The Chinese Medical Bath For Vitiligo

The Chinese Medical Bath For Vitiligo,VitiligoCauses of Vitiligo

There are many causes that can cause vitiligo, which is a common skin disease. The causes can be divided into external and internal causes. The common causes are pressure, injury, infection from a accident, bit of insects and even the weather changes. Some patient with family history of vitiligo, so that patients with gene as the causes of viitligo. The vitiligo patients usually with low immune system, but the immune overact with self-tissue. So the problems of immune disorder is a also a common cause.

And the patients may also show the lack or loss of vitamin as well as the trance elements. So this can also be causes of vitiligo, when you supplement them from diets and medication, there is also a improvement.

And in Chinese medical theory that the cause of vitilgio is not on the skin surface, but the real cause is underneath skin. If we test the blood, there will show a low level of superoxide dismutase (SOD). And the symptoms show symptoms on skin, the cause are underneath skin in blood. So we should treat from blood in TCM.

TCM treatments of Vitiligo

Beside of the medication of herb medicine, there are also the medical bath and medical steam treatments for vitiligo patients.

The most common type should be the five element medical bath therapy for vitiligo. The patients should take a medical water bath for 20 minutes. The skin will absorb the Chinese herb medicine instead of the mouth intake. The type of absorption is comprehensive, fast and safe. Medical bath is only one type of treatment, but you should not use the same medicine into the bath water every day.

It likes a bath, or it is a bath. But there are medical elements in the bath water. The advantage is that is safe without side effects. Because the medical materials are from nature. And a long time usage, there are more good effects on you. The medical materials can be used as a bath contains to be absorbed by skin. It can also be a kind of oral medication for vitiligo.

But there are many types of TCM herb medicine, some can be used as bath therapy, the others are can be used as oral medication. If you still have any problems about vitiligo and Chinese treatments, you can send your problems to or you can also consult our online doctors.


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