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TCM Medication For Vitiligo

TCM Medication For Vitiligo,VitiligoWhat is TCM

It is a kind of Chinese herb medicine, which comes from the nature as well as animal. The medical materials are not combined or made up from hormone medicine or chemical materials. If the western medicine with the anti-immune, anti-inflammation functions. While the TCM is different from the western medicine. But it can also be used to treat vitiligo.

TCM with a long time practice in China, long time age there is no theory of inflammation and immune disorder theory in China. But they tried many medical plants to treat disease. Some people don’t have any disease at all, they just want to keep health and prevent the onset of some of the disease, so it can not only treat vitiligo, other types of diseases, and it can also be used to keep health.

Symptoms of Vitiligo

The symptoms of vitiligo mainly show the color loss of skin, some type is generalized, the other types may only in local areas. The attack areas are different too.

In fact, the symptoms are easy to remove, but the point is that the effects can’t last long time.

Medication of TCM

We have introduced the source of herb medicine, now we introduce the intake of the medicine.

TCM is totally different from the western medication because every time you should drink the medical soup. Of course, we need boiled the herbs into soup.The hospital will help boil into soup for you.

About the flavor, the Chinese herb medicine is a package of soup. It is a biter flavor compared to the western medicine. As the natural herbal plants,which are safe ,without side effects. In the same time, it can adjust the body and remove the blood causes.

Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease, and the common creams and medication can only control or ease the condition of vitiligo white patches. Once you stop using it, the color loss may turn more severe than before. So we advice to treat vitiligo not from the symptoms, but from the underneath causes.

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