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Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Of Vitiligo

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Of VitiligoAs we all known that there are thousands of people who have no confidence in the treatment of vitiligo, they think vitiligo is uncurable, and also during in patients with vitiligo symptoms found as long as to actively carry out system treatment, according to their condition and physical condition, they can choose appropriate therapy, this is the quickest way to control the disease, and it can gradually eliminate the white patches. There are patients with consultation, vitiligo treatment methods which have the following please experts to introduce the treatment of vitiligo.

1, Since in ancient times, China has a record of curing vitiligo, Chinese medicine is a traditional Chinese medicine, it gets a world wide good reputation , it is wildly trusted by people. TCM treatment of vitiligo, mainly adopts pure natural pollution-free Chinese herbal medicine, through syndrome differentiation and regulation of patients with Qi and blood, nourishing and activating blood, nourishing liver and kidney, can inside the body of a deep patients, eliminate the cause of damage to the melanocytes, effective treatment, efficacy significantly. It is the current mainstream therapy in china and in the world.

2, with the the rapid development of Western science, western medicine can not only includes oral, topical, as well as injections and other drugs. Patients with vitiligo during in the use of Western medicine, they must be combined with their condition, they should try to choose a less drug stimulation, for hormone drugs and the timing quantitative use under the guidance of professional doctors, so as to avoid the adverse reaction, hinder the vitiligo treatment, western medicine efficacy violent therefore should be used appropriately.

3, other one is the physical therapy, that is, laser therapy, laser treatment is more common is the 308 excimer laser treatment, 311 narrow spectrum UVB treatment of two high-end equipment. This therapy through the launch of a specific laser beam directly irradiated patients with leukoplakia site, to promote the regeneration and recovery of melanoma cells, effective treatment. This therapy has the advantages of quick effect, short course of treatment, low irritation, wide application of the crowd, many people are very fond of this therapy.

4, The last treatment is surgical treatment, the common treatment of melanoma cells. This therapy is directly extracted from the skin of patients with melanoma health, and then planted to the patient's white spot area, which prompted the regeneration and recovery of skin melanocytes, rapid treatment of leukoplakia. The treatment course is short, can be used for large area cultivation, the effect is rapid and obvious. However, surgery must be the time to enter a stable period of time to carry out.


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