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Acupuncture Therapy Of Vitiligo

Acupuncture Therapy Of VitiligoAs we all known that vitiligo acupuncture treatment of vitiligo is a common skin disease, medical researchers found that vitiligo patients regardless of the location of the disease, are related to the microcirculation disorder. Therefore, in the study of drug treatment, we make so much efforts to improve the microcirculation in the next time. Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of vitiligo has its own unique method of acupuncture and moxibustion treatment of vitiligo is a common skin disease.

Theoretically, acupuncture can regulate endocrine function and strengthen the immune system. But the clinical observation of its efficacy and theory is not completely consistent, and some patients after acupuncture treatment, but to promote the development of the disease, analysis of reasons, may be the patient's fear of acupuncture, caused by mental stress. Therefore, acupuncture treatment can not be the same, should be based on the patient's situation to choose the use of acupuncture have a sense of fear of patients, especially children should not choose acupuncture therapy. In addition, some therapy should not be used directly damage the skin, such as plum blossom needle, fire needle or the direct use of firearms and other skin burns. Vitiligo skin damage due to the occurrence of the same shape reaction, which resulting in the development of the disease. Severe formation of scar tissue, a permanent injury.

Patients with stable disease or have seized control of the disease, you can try acupuncture therapy in the local area and specific methods can be self reference books, their operation can be. To the leg of a piece of fingernail sized leukoplakia were simple acupuncture therapy, the effect is more obvious. Do not casually try various remedies, especially strange square. The method also can only under the conditions of use, do not blindly try, otherwise it will aggravate the condition.

In recent years, relevant personnel in succession to develop based on the previous theoretical studies, combined with clinical practice experience, think the vitiligo disease although in fur, and its has source righteousness in insufficient. The disease in is due to deficiency of Qi and Yin, deficiency of the liver and kidney, in table is due to foreign invasion of pathogenic wind, off at the skin surface, collaterals block, skin loss and send for the disease. The use of unique acupuncture treatment of vitiligo has a unique effect, the patient can be used as appropriate.


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