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The Latest Breakthrough In Vitiligo treatment

As we all known that vitiligo patients should know that the stable period is the best period for the treatment of vitiligo, if the patient is in a stable period should be timely treatment of vitiligo. Vitiligo hospital experts to remind that the treatment of vitiligo should seize the opportunity, not to miss the best time to treat. So there are patients who would like to ask how to treat the treatment to prevent the recurrence of vitiligo recurrence? Below we have to listen to the vitiligo Institute expert answers.

The treatment of vitiligo to choose a regular hospital, only in the regular hospital treatment can protect the treatment effect and safety degree. Select the appropriate treatment method. Because each person's illness is different, so the choice of treatment is also different, the treatment of vitiligo should be based on the corresponding causes of treatment. To find suitable for their treatment, in order to correctly treat vitiligo.

According to the doctor's recommendations for treatment, and do a good job of nursing. Experts said that the nursing work can not be ignored, only do a good job in order to effectively make the recovery of vitiligo as soon as possible. Ignore the nursing work not only to extend the duration of vitiligo, but also lead to recurrent vitiligo. In the vitiligo cure, in order to reduce the probability of recurrence, patients should be regularly to the hospital to review the review, to ensure that vitiligo does not recur, and to strengthen the exercise, enhance the immune capacity.

Vitiligo rehabilitation system therapy

Vitiligo Institute of high scientific and technological achievements, vitiligo rehabilitation system therapy, the target to the technique in the treatment of precise repair of pathogenic factors lead to the change of internal environment, by autologous black element cell cultivation to achieve the purpose of the treatment of vitiligo, safe, thorough, efficient, and its recurrence.

1, adjust the internal environment of the body circulation: adjust the disorder of the human body environment, the restoration of normal immune function, the restoration of microcirculation function, strengthen the normal function of human epidermal cells.

2, the redeployment of the epidermal cells balance: vitiligo is a skin disease, disease of the skin, to recover quickly, treated directly, the treatment of skin is an indispensable method. In melanocytes damaged epidermal cells are located in the skin of the outermost layer, the circulation of the blood itself than in many of the poor, coupled with the lesion area, microcirculation than normal skin a lot worse, so the redeployment of epidermal cell function and metabolic balance is also essential.

3, autologous melanocytes culture regeneration: this technology is more mature, fast, safe and reliable, suitable for non active period of patients with refractory vitiligo. Active vitiligo patients must before two target as the main means of treatment, after treatment to fully recovered and did not set, the patient can be recovered by treatment is no longer, if but some may through the treatment, by the active turn for inactive period, patients with vitiligo with autologous melanin cultivate regeneration therapy to accelerate the recovery of the.

The majority of vitiligo patients with impaired melanoma treatment is completely reversible. As is known to all, any single treatment will not be perfect, only effective combination, to the best effect to play. The treatment of vitiligo is the same as the three point based treatment significantly accelerated the recovery rate of damaged melanin cells. Vitiligo rehabilitation system therapy is to adjust the human environment, regulating balance of epidermal cells to prevent vitiligo lesions area around melanin cells chain, pathological changes, the lesion area no longer extension, and the damaged melanocytes to restore function, so that the white patches area gradually reduced and disappeared, normal, beautiful skin to reproduce.


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