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What Is The Principle Of Vitiligo Treatment

As we all known that vitiligo is a kind of extremely serious skin disease, and vitiligo is the most significant feature is the body patches of vitiligo, particularly frightening. Patients suffering from vitiligo is the beauty of people can not accept, once suffering from vitiligo, we should have enough patience to treat vitiligo. Below we shall look at what is the principle of vitiligo treatment?

What is the principle of vitiligo treatment ?

As far as possible to avoid the possible causes of vitiligo, all suspicious causes.

If vitiligo is an acute attack, especially accompanied by systemic symptoms, must be timely medical treatment, can not be delayed.

Vitiligo treatment, the current take more methods are oral administration of anti histamine drugs, if accompanied by systemic symptoms can be treated with corticosteroids symptomatic treatment.

Chronic vitiligo, multiple therapy or long-term maintenance of the minimum dose of medication, especially in patients with chronic vitiligo, do not ignore the abnormal reaction of the original inspection. And the treatment of chronic vitiligo can also try to use closed therapy, self blood therapy, acupuncture therapy, oxygen therapy, tissue therapy, etc..

In order to not avoid the allergen, it can be based on the vitiligo prone situation to carry out preventive medication. But the positive reaction of the abnormal reaction, can be taken to desensitization treatment, but the treatment of long duration, and easy to repeat, it is difficult to stick to it.

Vitiligo should be active early treatment, to have the confidence, do not believe the community has said the vitiligo treatment is not good, not to treat, any of its development, early active treatment, or be able to improve and heal. My point of view is vitiligo patients to active treatment, because it was very easy to become normal skin white spots, and white spots, once generated then black is more difficult, vitiligo to early treatment, to improve the leukoplakia, allow the normal skin is not white, it is also a ultimate aim.

Although vitiligo is difficult to treat, the treatment of the two principles are not the same, the early vitiligo, namely white spot just hair, skin lesions rarely hours, combined use of drugs, including oral, topical and photochemical therapy; as for surgery treatment is the autologous epidermal transplantation, avoid completed during progression of lesions, be sure to wait until stable lesions more than six months, the body does not progress. And psoriasis treatment is based on the size of the use of different treatment options.

The principle of the treatment of vitiligo is the introduction of what we tell about this, and hope that patients with vitiligo do not miss the best time to treat their vitiligo. Patients in their daily lives, but also to do a good job of vitiligo notes. To avoid the spread of vitiligo disease, leading to serious treatment of vitiligo.


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