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Daily Health Care Of Infant Vitiligo

As we all known that In fact for the occurrence of childhood vitiligo, it is mainly due to diet induced, every child is the treasure house, the parents will take care of good, and then do not pay attention to a balanced diet, it is easy to cause disease. what should we do for care for children with vitiligo ? The following is the introduction of this problem.

Nursing care of children with vitiligo

Children should eat foods with high levels of energy and protein, such as soy foods such as soy milk, tofu, green beans, soy beans, black beans. Nuts food and food containing high copper content and vitamin C.

Nursing care of children with vitiligo

All kinds of trace elements and vitamins have important effects on the metabolism of the body, such as trace elements copper, zinc, selenium and so on in the process of melanin synthesis is very important. The trace element and vitamin deficiency can affect the synthesis of melanin. The cause of vitiligo, so children in peacetime should pay attention to diet supplement trace elements.

Do pay attention to help children to do skin care care needs of children with vitiligo, to avoid the recurrence of vitiligo. To avoid the skin irritation and injury of external injury, environmental pollution, harmful substances and other factors stimulation. Parents should help children to control diet, avoid spicy food, but also to ensure adequate sleep, do not let the children stay up late, the prevention of vitiligo. Psychological pressure on children's patients is likely to lead to the recurrence of vitiligo, parents to reduce the pressure on the child, to help children adjust the good psychological. To establish the confidence to overcome the disease during the treatment of vitiligo. Children are a special group is the need for more care of patients' families, patients' families must pay attention to the relevant matters.

expert tips: sick children, do not be too impatient, should be timely treatment, the sooner the better prognosis. They are in the physical development stage, the response to a variety of treatment is better, so the hope of cure is much higher than the adult.


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