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Best Surgical Treatment Of Vitiligo

Best Surgical Treatment Of VitiligoAs we all known that although there are many treatments for vitiligo, but the treatment time is very long, and the curative effect is not satisfied. At the end of twentieth Century, a new treatment technology was developed in foreign countries. This method is like a stamp, the patient's body removed from the normal appearance of the skin graft to the site of the white spot, so that the skin of the melanoma cells transplanted together. About two weeks later, the transplanted melanoma cells in the white office can survive, then can see a faint black attached to the parts of the white spot, with the extension of time, the color of the white spot at will gradually deepened, 3 to 6 months of melanin will reach maximum expansion.

This technology is in a stable condition in more than half a year, patients with leukoplakia area is no longer expanding, is in active period of the patients do not adapt to the due to the new treatment methods of this technology, there are still some problems, such as surface roughness, the pigment is not consistent with bounding edge obvious and need to operator in clinical solved step by step and has a close relationship with the operator's skill.

Epidermal grafting is a kind of operation, but the operation is not used in the whole process. Transplant is the epidermis of the skin, is the outermost layer of the skin, no blood vessels, and no nerve. Therefore, surgery to take skin won't have sense of pain, if the skilled operation, does not hurt the skin of the second layer is the deep dermis, also won't leave obvious scars. However, as a precaution, such physical scars should not use this technology.

This kind of operation is not used to use the principle of negative pressure suction to carry out, without anesthesia. Operation, the two holes were placed on the skin of the white spot and the normal skin preparation, the suction cup through the tube and a device can produce negative pressure. By 30 to 60 thousand kPa negative pressure, can separate from the epidermis and dermis, a process known as "blister". After 30 to 90 minutes of blister, blister after the plump, cut with scissors with white spots of skin blisters, then cut off parts of normal color of skin blisters, like stamps as flat bedding have been cut in the skin white spots to the exposed face, with a band aid and gauze bandaging, fixing and protecting, don't let skin grafts, shedding. Within a week, the wound avoid water pollution and excessive local activities, so as to avoid the poor growth of epidermal sheets.

Autologous epidermal grafting is simple and easy to operate, without anesthesia, no need of hospitalization, clinical efficacy. But occurs in the mouth, lips and other parts of the patient can not fix the general efficacy of poor.


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