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How Does Vitiligo Conduct To Repigmentation

How Does Vitiligo Conduct To RepigmentationAs we all known that the spread of vitiligo has a very wide scope of the impact of patients life, vitiligo patients should choose good treatment, vitiligo disease patients should pay attention to the disease, give yourself a chance, understanding of vitiligo repigmentation of principle, now lets take a look of below experts introduction.

The human hair follicle melanocytes directly affect the color effect of vitiligo, human hair follicle melanocytes have two different activities: one is the anagen hair matrix and infundibulum active melanoma cells, the other is a growth phase of the hair follicle outer with no activity (colorless melanin pigment) cell, vitiligo, the white spot at almost did not see the activity of melanocytes, melanin synthesis is not the repigmentation of vitiligo is the hair follicle outer root inactive without pigment melanin cells are activated, mitosis, proliferation and down to the hair follicle from the bottom up, transverse to decolorization zone of epidermis after the resulting repigmentation of vitiligo, leukoplakia complex color. Studies have confirmed that hair follicle outer nappy roots are more "dormant" of temporarily does not have the function of melanocytes, in certain factor activation and activation, which is a melanoma cell reservoir in skin white spot pigment regeneration.

This can be explained for no hair follicle structure parts, such as lips and distal segment of finger dorsal, palm white spots to the color complex reasons. In these parts of the lack of melanocytes reservoir. In addition, the white spots around the normal melanocytes to spot migration is an important reason of vitiligo regain pigment, color restoration. Walk to the transitional melanocytes in the epidermis of vitiligo, and finally settled in the basal layer of the epidermis, and the formation of cells composed of epidermal melanin unit and maintain the normal skin cutin.

Expert tips: the symptoms of vitiligo is a lot of performance, life to be a conscientious, and vitiligo patients should rightfully facing disease effectively deal with sick parts. The incorrect treatment will delay the illness, aggravating effect.


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