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How To Control Vitiligo

How To Control VitiligoIn the eyes of many vitiligo patients , vitiligo can not be cured, because they have gone to a lot of hospitals can not heal, so they have been disappointed with the treatment of vitiligo. In fact, vitiligo can be cured, but only by drug treatment can not be, but also the need for our daily life with the treatment, the following would please experts.

How to control vitiligo?

1, add trace elements

Zinc supplementation can assist in the treatment of vitiligo. Trace elements, copper and zinc in the greatest impact on vitiligo. Vitiligo patients' blood zinc levels will be reduced, vitiligo patients with copper, zinc trace elements of the general lack of. After the supplementation of these trace elements, most of the patients condition improved, and even heal. The commonly used zinc products are brand new rare treasure zinc selenium tablet, improve the body's resistance.

2, select the appropriate routine in patients with vitiligo

Patients with vitiligo is the best time in the morning to get up 5 to 6 o'clock because at this time the spirit will get up very well, so vitiligo patients according to this point to get up, so you can play the role of health. For the rest of life in patients with vitiligo. If the patient is best when the morning afternoon physical labor, mental labor, patients with vitiligo should be separated, so their illness is very good.

3, protect the skin from truma .

Wear clothes have spacious fitness body, often because the skin vitiligo by local clothing caused by compression. Underwear as far as possible the use of cotton products. To avoid trauma, friction, oppression. Do not rub the bath. Avoid contact with phenol and phenolic compounds, rubber products such as rubber gloves, rubber laces, often contact, can cause partial bleaching and leukoplakia. In addition, regular contact with gasoline, paint, asphalt, etc., but also easily lead to vitiligo disease. At the same time to avoid long time, strong sunlight. Many patients are often due to summer travel, travel, and induce or cause vitiligo recurrence. If you have eczema, dermatitis, insect bites and other skin diseases should be treated early.

Tips: how to control the vitiligo ? For the disease, drug treatment is necessary, but if you can live more with the physician told, then the effect of treatment and time will have great changes.


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