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Best Treatment For Vitiligo 2016

Best Treatment For Vitiligo 2016Vitiligo is a common acquired localized or generalized skin depigmentation disease. Due to the disappearance of skin melanocyte function, but the mechanism is not clear. All parts of the body can occur, common in the dorsal wrist, etc.

The treatment of vitiligo mainly rely on traditional Chinese medicine, through the syndrome differentiation and treatment, the tonic Qi and blood, replenishing liver and kidney, expelling wind and dredging collaterals method, Qi and activating blood circulation method, soothing the liver and regulating qi method treatment, according to the specific condition of patients to develop the best treatment, often can get very good therapeutic effect, at the same time in the course of treatment can be topical, mainly made of traditional Chinese medicine powder, paste, tincture.

Western medicine can be treated with steroids and ultraviolet irradiation PUVA, oral multi vitamin tablets and compound amino acid tablets combined with traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

Part of a healthy diet in life is also very important, the proposal went to the bookstore to buy the dietotherapy vitiligo manual to make diet recipes according to their own situation .

Treatment of vitiligo is the best way to seek treatment, the incidence of vitiligo factors are many, but there are a considerable part of the patient can not find any predisposing factors. The study found that patients with vitiligo regardless of the location of the disease, are related to the microcirculation disorder. Due to the obstruction of the microcirculation, so that nutrients can not be transported to the skin parts. Melanocytes can not be normal growth and development, so that the skin discoloration, vitiligo lesions. The general mode of treatment is from promote the growth of melanoma of, but did not solve the inducement of microcirculation dredging obstacles, resulting in vitiligo permanently, with high recurrence rate. At present the best m-ci microcirculation dredging engineering, this therapy is through the m-ci combination drug + Germany imported 311 narrow-band UVB phototherapy + specific drug fumigating steamed + acupuncture meridian + gene carrier separation technology and comprehensive plan, clear microcirculation disorder counseling, improve the melanin production environment for long. Specific treatment should also be based on the patient's condition, the degree of loss of melanocytes. Make the white spot skin to the normal skin color change. And it is very important that patients with vitiligo should actively cooperate with the doctor, perseverance, adhere to the treatment.


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