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Lastest Laser Treatment Of Vitiligo

Lastest Laser Treatment Of VitiligoIn recent years, with the progress of medicine, vitiligo have laser treatment. So, where is the incidence of vitiligo? Vitiligo is one of the diseases that are difficult to cure in medicine, the health hazards and psychological harm to patients are very large, should be timely detection and treatment. Laser treatment can not cure vitiligo disease? In this regard, we first understand the incidence of vitiligo.

Many people ask vitiligo experts, where is the incidence of vitiligo experts, in the treatment of vitiligo disease, patients should be paid attention to, and actively carry out scientific treatment. Where is the incidence of vitiligo? The following is the detailed introduction of vitiligo experts.

According to many years of observation, the experts found that vitiligo can be big and small, but also can appear in any part of the body. Throughout the body the skin, mouth and genitalia mucosa of varying sizes, single or multiple irregular white patches, white patches area gradually expanded, the number increased. Although the vitiligo are manifested as white patches, but degree of depigmentation is not the same, can act as a pale white, milky white, cloud white or porcelain white, these different colors of vitiligo prevalence in different degree.

In addition to the pathogenesis of vitiligo site with the accident another point is that it is the incidence of symptoms can be different. In general, leukoplakia and normal skin clear boundaries, but if it is in the period of white edge can also be expressed in vague, and some can be a color boundary between normal skin and white spots diffusion halo around the white spot. White spots inside the hair white, can also be normal, can also be black and white hair white disease had a relatively poor, white spots disappear, the hair can also turn black. In general, leukoplakia surface smooth, scaly or crusted, sensory and secretory function of normal.

Then, what is the incidence of vitiligo ? The incidence of vitiligo in relation to a certain extent with our sun. Vitiligo is more sensitive to sunlight or ultraviolet light, the sun can be redness, burning, blisters, itching, severe leukoplakia development. Therefore, we advocate that patients with vitiligo less sun, especially at noon or in the summer, the strong UV is to be avoided. After the food and drug photosensitivity strong use of enhanced ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, patients with vitiligo in the diet should pay attention to.

Vitiligo can be treated by laser, a detailed introduction of the above, I believe everyone "parts of the incidence of vitiligo in which all have to know, patients do not, delayed treatment time, early choose regular professional hospital reasonable treatment of the disease. Wish a speedy recovery of patients with vitiligo.


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