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How To Effectively Treat Vitiligo

How To Effectively Treat VitiligoAlthough vitiligo is a skin disease which is difficult to treat, there is no any effect radical cure method has been found, but if patients can according to their own vitiligo disease were for medical treatment, it is still possible to hope to overcome the vitiligo. how to treat vitiligo in a most effective way?

1, clear etiology

Vitiligo prior to the treatment, it can take the science of gene detection, first of all is to to find out the causes of melanin missing, understand the damage to the skin.

2, treatment plan

Develop treatment according to the patient's own physical condition, and vitiligo disease such as aspects of the comprehensive consideration, in order to develop a standard words, individual and systematic treatment.

3, carefully select the medication

medication for the treatment of vitiligo in choose not to blindly to from a variety of drug side effects and other aspects to consider, the final selection of a suitable for patients with drugs. Each patient's physical condition is not the same, so the choice of drugs are not the same, it varies from person to person.

4, combined Chinese and Western medicine treatment

traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine has less side effect and to damage the body, from the point of view of drug-induced injury and suggest that vitiligo patients in the treatment process can add some traditional Chinese medicine, to western medicine to reduce the toxic and side effects. In addition, if you can choose oral drugs, as far as possible to avoid the skin injection drugs, to prevent external damage to the skin.

in order to get complete rehabilitation from vitiligo, it is necessary to do the some work, so as to improve the vitiligo cure rate. In addition, vitiligo is a relatively easy to relapse of the disease, it is recommended that patients in the cure do not lose their vigilance, to always pay attention to care, to prevent recurrence of the disease.


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