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How To Control The Recurrence Of Vitiligo

How To Control The Recurrence Of VitiligoThere is always a question which often asked by vitiligo patients, that is how to control the recurrence of vitiligo in the summer. When vitiligo patients are suffering from vitiligo, the skin will appear white patches, and seriously affect the patient's image, especially in the summer, the dress is thinner, its difficult to cover the white patches , vitiligo is easy to attack, patients should do a good job in the prevention measures, as far as possible to avoid undesirable stimulation leading to vitiligo recurrence, Beijing Mei di TCM skin disease hospital experts has give us a detailed introduction in the following, how to control the recurrence of vitiligo

How to control the recurrence of vitiligo

1, reduce exposure to harmful substances

Vitiligo patients should try to minimize exposure to chemical raw materials, paint, paint, etc., in particular, phenolic compounds, exposure to these chemicals is a major cause of hand vitiligo. As the decoration of the house to go through more than 3 months of full ventilation after drying, engaged in rubber industry workers to protect their own hand.

2, pay attention to food hygiene

Pollution of the environment of our diet has also brought a huge impact, whether drinking or crops are polluted; to clean water rinse should be repeated before the fresh vegetables, fruits, in order to reduce the residual pesticides and other harmful substances; children to eat fruits should be peeled. Do not exceed the standard of food consumption of heavy metal salts, such as mercury, lead and heavy metal salt exceed the standard of food.

3, reduce the harmful substances from the respiratory

Air pollution is more and more serious, the best choice for patients with vitiligo life high air quality area, also should pay attention to the usual exercise, don't do strenuous exercise in the road or smoke dust place.

4, reduce the ultraviolet radiation

The destruction of the ozone layer caused by air pollution, more ultraviolet radiation to the ground, excessive ultraviolet radiation can lead to vitiligo recurrence. Vitiligo patients if long time exposure to sunlight should take protective measures, such as tourism, bathing the bare skin coated with sunscreen.


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