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Announcements Of Laser Vitiigo Treatment

Announcements Of Laser Vitiigo TreatmentLaser treatment of vitiligo has been wildly accepted by many patients and doctors during the treatment of vitiligo. Verification by clinical application, the introduction of vitiligo skin disease treatment center "the second generation of the 308 nm excimer laser treatment system" it can cure vitiligo in a relatively short time , and it has positive curative effect, get a fast and effective result, it has short treatment period , with small adverse reaction, etc, it has become the best therapy of vitiligo treatment . So what are the points of using laser treatment of vitiligo ?

In addition, 308 generation 1 laser excimer treatment system can directly, focus and effective role in suffering from the Department, to avoid the normal skin, thus ensuring the targeted in a short period of rapid access to curative effect. Generally 10 times for a course of treatment.

2, according to clinical statistics, 90% patients with a course of treatment that is pigment Island, but the effect varies from person to person. The curative effect of the patients who are not regular treatment will be significantly reduced. There are only a few patients who are sensitive to light, and other methods of treatment are recommended.

3, laser treatment of leukoplakia parts do not apply the medication, and local clean skin, otherwise it will hinder the light penetration, and effect.

4, during the treatment, associate with doctors to observe the occurrence and duration of erythema closely in order to reflect the true situation to the doctor, while adjusting the appropriate dose, to achieve the desired short-term efficacy.

5, during treatment, avoid sun exposure. 308 nm laser beam directly in leukoplakia local, promote the apoptosis of T lymphocytes to therapeutic purposes, namely for the causes of vitiligo, fundamentally solves the melanin cells are destroyed, is suitable for the treatment of various types of leukoplakia.


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