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Personalized Treatment of Generalized Type Of Vitiligo

Personalized Treatment of Generalized Type Of VitiligoThe symptoms of vitiligo are various, such as generalized vitiligo is a very common type vitiligo, generalized type of vitiligo because of leukoplakia is relatively large, so the treatment is very difficult. The majority of patients with generalized type of vitiligo is because of inappropriate treatment or improper use, make the condition to the pan hair. So, what are the symptoms of generalized type of vitiligo? The following are some common symptoms of generalized vitiligo.

Generalized type of vitiligo white patches area are more than 50% of the human skin area above, generalized type of vitiligo, the skin lesions of patients with vitiligo cover multiple parts of the patient, face, hands, chest, back, etc., large area, so pan hair vitiligo disease is most serious.

Symptoms of generalized type of Vitiligo is widely distributed, generally in sheets. There is not a single white spot, often even into an irregular shape, broad distribution area. Lesions have symmetry. Faster onset, pan hair vitiligo are sporadic or localized vitiligo development, under the stimulation of vitiligo induced by various factors, the patient's condition rapidly worsened, short time leukoplakia spread to various parts of the body.

White patches in addition to depigmentation of the affected area without atrophy or desquamation change, the hair white. Number of uncertainties, and some can be generalized body, such as a map shape, sometimes normal skin left in the white spots, the degree of depigmentation is not the same. Light white or pale white, its edge is not clear. White, white or milky white.

Warm reminder: vitiligo treatment needs a long time, patients received treatment to be patient, do not think that a short period of time to see the effect will lose confidence in the treatment, to give up treatment or replacement of the treatment method and each kind of treatment need a certain process, during which patients to be patient with the treatment, only in this way can we gradually recovered. Replacement therapy is equal to give up the early treatment effect, resulting in the condition of repeated, it can not be treated for a long time.


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