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What Is The Best Treatment For Vitiligo Vulgaris

What Is The Best Treatment For Vitiligo VulgarisAs we all know that the treatment of vitiligo is relatively different, vitiligo is not a disease which can be cured , the key is to give themselves a good confidence to cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, so the vitiligo can be completely cured.

What is the best treatment for vitiligo vulgaris? The refractory of vitiligo is wildly known by everybody, and vitiligo can be cured easily, the key is to establish their own good faith, reasonable diet to ensure adequate sleep, with good medical treatment, can be cured completely. So, what is the best treatment of vitiligo vitiligo is the best way to treated by traditional Chinese medicine therapy .

Vitiligo patients should know that vitiligo can be divided into localized, sporadic, pan hair and extremities facial type. Sporadic scattered in multiple white spots, sizes, can occur in any part of the body, but more symmetrical distribution, the total area does not exceed 50% of body surface area. Acral face refers to the early white spot hair are mainly distributed in the hand, foot and finger toe and the head and face and other exposed parts, a few may be associated with a body of generalized vitiligo. Most cases of patients with very similar symptoms .

The limitations type of vitiligo in vulgaris vitiligo is confined to a single site or cluster of white spots of varying sizes. Generalized refers to is the white spots more than 50% of the total body surface area, and even spread to the body, only a few or no normal pigmented skin, is generally believed that autoimmune abnormalities, more than the previous two types of development and, the vitiligo is more difficult to treatment.

So the traditional Chinese medicine experts recommend: the importance of symptomatic therapy. According to the individual differences of patients develop individualized treatment plan, avoid invalid drug the body to produce resistance and resistance to delayed treatment. Here recommended national characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine therapy - "TCM immune balance of triple therapy, the therapy for patients with different condition, the individual treatment to overcome the the shortcomings of the traditional Chinese medicine method of treatment can not be a one-time treatment, achieve rapid treatment effect, on some of the refractory parts can also very good treatment, safe and painless more easily, the effect is very significant relapse is not easy. Triple therapy of traditional Chinese medicine immune balance is characterized by: personalized therapy quick effect, the treatment of large area of the spot effect is good, safe and painless more easily, the effect is not easy to relapse and so on.


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