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Basic Prevention Of Segmental Vitiligo

Basic Prevention Of Segmental VitiligoWith the increasing incidence of vitiligo, patients gradually realized the severity of vitiligo. Many diseases are divided into many typesare because of some of its features, vitiligo is no exception as well, segmental type of vitiligo is one of them, the hazards of the segmental type of vitiligo is great, it brings the great impact to the health of patients , and also cause the series hazads to patient's appearance and psychological , then what are the preventions of segmental type of vitiligo in daily life ? the following our hospital experts tells everyone to introduce segmental type of vitiligo daily precaution, we can make the protection measures of vitiligo in their daily lives.

After the induce of the vitiligo, resulting in severe uncommon examples , first of all, we must maintain the good health of mind for the equanimity emergencies, "depression pathogenic" or "illness caused by the depression" factor of health and black pigment metabolism have influence, a good attitude has a significant role to the vitiligo treatment .

The injuries of the skin is a direct cause of the segmental vitiligo ,it may damage caused due to local trauma at the nerve fibers, or the body in a high stress state, so that the body's neuroendocrine system dysfunction, reduced the synthesis of melanin metabolism. Local irritation of the skin caused by the same reaction, such as surgery, trauma, oppression or friction, as well as local infection and other adverse factors caused by localized inflammation or trauma parts of the white spot.

People under the strong sunlight, sunscreen should be prepared for, direct exposure to sunlight can exposure easily cause skin inflammation, especially the head and face and other exposed parts often leads to damage of the melanocytes, loss of ability to produce melanin. Vitiligo patients should take the initiative to moderate with the sun. The time of the sun is adjusted with the seasons. This is a method of prevention of segmental vitiligo, the premise to do some preventive measures.

No matter segmental type vitiligo or other types of vitiligo, they are not an incurable disease, as long as we in life as far as possible to avoid triggering factors of vitiligo, vitiligo occurred rate will be reduced. If it is found that had vitiligo, should be timely to professional vitiligo hospital for treatment, not acute disease TouYi, so as not to cause the condition of diffusion, missed the best treatment period.


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