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New Therapeutics Of Vitiligo

New Therapeutics Of VitiligoAs we all know that vitiligo can bring a great appearence impact on the patients and it always gives the harm to vitiligo patients. All along with time, vitiligo has the features of "difficult to cure, easy to relapse," as the main character, when it get serious,it can cause canceration.

In recent years, vitiligo disease has suddenly become our country chronic skin diseases in the first place, not only vitiligo incidence rate is rising, and the canceration rate is on the rise too, facing up with this situation traditional wiping agent, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment is helpless. They are all just to relieve symptoms, they did not find the root cause, leading to treatment once the end will appear retaliatory rebound, therefore, the recurrence rate is high.

medications used by traditional treatment methods most contain different levels of hormones, although it has certain therapeutic effect, and accelerate the growth of melanoma cells in stimulating hormone, leukoplakia was temporarily masked. But long-term hormone kind medicaments, it can cause local skin atrophy, telangiectasia, acne, folliculitis and other complications, leading to exacerbations, and once after drug withdrawal will relapse, unchecked, caused the patients body resistance, thus leading to the risk of cancer greatly increased.

Therefore, "the treatment system of comprehensive intervention melanin gene into medical industry darling is not Weakness lends wings of rumours. "Black pigment gene comprehensive intervention treatment system available, the complete subversion of the traditional therapy, it from the causes of vitiligo pathology" pigment metabolism disorder of direct lesions, strong effect, full range repair pigment metabolism system, activate and promote the secretion of melanin, make skin return to natural color, easy to achieve "spot, to avoid the traditional therapy only surface treatments are limited. It is reported that not long ago, the health administration, disease prevention, medication administration departments jointly held a meeting in Beijing, had vitiligo treatment problems in special research.

Experts agree that with the "treatment system of comprehensive intervention melanin gene widely used, the field of treatment of vitiligo has entered a new field, it opened a new chapter in the treatment of vitiligo. The new concept of effective treatment, a clinically proven, the whole field of Dermatology for praise. Clinical observation: the effective 7~ to 15 days to change the color, 1~2 months to restore normal skin color, and stop after treatment without recurrence, the cure rate is as high as 99.99%, successfully treated patients with more than 10 million.

Through the above introduction, we have figured out that this new type of therapy has a certain understanding. This kind of therapy to all patients with vitiligo hope ah. "The new treatment system of comprehensive intervention of melanin gene by oral and external use, for the first time in tackling the problem.


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