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Factors Affecting The Efficacy Of Phototherapy In Vitiligo

Factors Affecting The Efficacy Of Phototherapy In VitiligoThere are various factors which effect the phototherapy of vitiligo, apart from the disease itself, the specific process of the operation of some factors also very obvious role. The common includes the following six aspects:

First, choose the type of phototherapy. Phototherapy is divided into three types, namely PUVA, UVB and excimer laser therapy, effect of three kinds of light for vitiligo is not the same. PUVA is the most traditional therapy, with some side effects, the scope of application also than some narrow is the worst effects of the treatment of three kinds of light; UVB with narrow spectrum and a wide spectrum of, on the clinical use of the multi is a narrow spectrum UVB, namely NB-UVB, the curative effect good to PUVA; excimer laser is the latest technology, clinical application is not wide, but the treatment effect is the best, but also the most secure.

Second, the number and the time of phototherapy. Patients with different physical, skin lesions on the ultraviolet radiation sensitive degree is also different, so the different frequency and time of phototherapy. In order to achieve control of the most appropriate treatment, to avoid excessive phototherapy. Phototherapy excessive early symptoms of skin redness, itching.

Third, the type of leukoplakia. leukoplakia and incomplete leukoplakia points, completely leukoplakia melanocytes function completely damaged, unresponsive to ultraviolet, some poor treatment effect, some patients with lesions at the hair turned white, which will affect the phototherapy effect.

Fourth, the age of the patient. Ifant vitiligo patients with skin delicate, sensitive response to a stimulus, not comfortable phototherapy; child patients with vitiligo phototherapy effect to better than adults, prevent phototherapy excess is the key; the efficacy of phototherapy in vitiligo elderly patients there is some difference.

Fifth, the use of photosensitive medications. The use of photosensitive drugs can not properly can effectively enhance the effect of phototherapy.

Sixth, parts of vitiligo and psoriasis area. The capillaries to, and better blood circulation parts of the efficacy of phototherapy, such as the face. The lesions of small size phototherapy effect good, such as limited vitiligo. Whereas the treatment effect than some difference.

Some of the factors affecting the effect of phototherapy of vitiligo are controllable, such as phototherapy kinds of selection, photosensitive drug use and phototherapy frequency and time with to hold these controllable factors, to provide therapeutic effect.


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