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Different Symptoms With Different Types Of Vitiligo

Different Symptoms With Different Types Of VitiligoWhat does the symptoms of vitiligo looks like in real life? many people do not know. Vitiligo is a common disease, but different types of vitiligo,the symptoms are different as well, we should know about it clearly, so that we can timely get a detection and early treatment. So, what are the different symptoms of different types of vitiligo ?

Here are some common types of the vitiligo and symptoms:

1, vulgaris

(1) limitations: single or cluster of white patches with different sizes, restricted to a particular site.

(2) sporadic: scattered, multiple white patches, which often occurs with symmetrical distribution of 50% leukoplakia of the total area.

(3) generalized: it is more than sporadic development from leukoplakia merging into irregular large in surface area of more than 50%, sometimes only residual small piece of island like normal skin.

(4) extremities: the early white patches which is more likely to occur in the body's extremities, such as face, hand, foot, fingers and toes and other parts, and mainly distributed in these parts, a few may be associated with the body of generalized vitiligo.

2 segment type:

White patches numberis 1 piece or several pieces, and also along with a cutaneous nerve segment dominated areas of the skin to the distribution, usually unilateral.

Different manifestations of complete leukoplakia with incomplete leukoplakia:

1 completely leukoplakia

White is pure white or porcelain white, white patches with no pigment regeneration, the white patches within the organization melanocytes disappear, of dihydroxy phenylalanine (DOPA) (DOPA) negative reaction.

2 incomplete leukoplakia

White patches decolorizated incomplete, the white patches visible pigment point, reduce the number of melanocytes in the white patches within the organization, of dihydroxy phenylalanine (DOPA) - positive.

Different vitiligo symptoms in different periods:

1 Advanced Stage

The white patches increasing, the original white patches gradually transitional to normal skin, the realm of vague.

2 stable period

The white patches stop developing , with the realm of clear, white patches edge color deepened.

According to the above introduction, patients have figured out the different vitiligo symptoms , patients should pay more attention to their body in daily life, so if patients find themselves with the above types of symptoms, then they would have to add an attention more, it is recommended to go to the regular hospital to do a check, in order to be able to early detection and treatment.


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