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Different Treatment Stages Of Vitiligo

Different Treatment Stages Of VitiligoAs we all know that vitiligo is a complicated skin disease , the incidence of the vitiligo is complex and still unknown . So the patients should be aware of effective treatment on the way, it is good for the patient and for their treatment as well, so, the treatment of vitiligo is divided into several stages

1, the adjuvant treatment of vitiligo

Basis for color selection of the depth of different covering agent necessary parts of the exposure, but it is not recommended to cover agent used, when necessary can be psychological counseling, lift the worries and establish confidence, adherence to treatment, vitamin B, vitamin E, folic acid, zinc, calcium may have some help.

2,steady stage of vitiligo treatment


1,Limitations: topical psoralen drugs, sugar cortical hormone, nitrogen mustard, autologous epidermal transplantation, local phototherapy and photochemotherapy narrow spectrum UVB (NBUVB), excimer laser and excimer laser etc. traditional Chinese medicine.

2. Scattered, generalized and acral type: Chinese medicine, phototherapy and photochemotherapy: narrow band ultraviolet B (NBUVB), excimer laser, excimer laser, PUVA, autologous epidermal transplantation (exposed parts or with the requirements of the site), topical application of drug treatment (refer to the steady periodic localized).

Segmental type: autologous epidermal transplantation; other stable localized treatment.

3, the developing stage of vitiligo treatment


1,Limitations: topical corticosteroids or other immunosuppressive agents, immunomodulatory agents (transfer factor, thymosin, etc.), local phototherapy: narrow-band ultraviolet excimer laser, excimer laser, traditional Chinese medicine.

2. Scattered, generalized and acral type: Chinese medicine, immune modulators (transfer factor, thymosin, etc.), the system uses the sugar cortical hormone, phototherapy: narrow-band ultraviolet B, excimer laser, excimer light, topical drug treatment (a reference to the progress of localized).

Segment type: refer to the progress of localized treatment.

The above is the treatment of vitiligo experts to explain which can be divided into several stages, I believe we have a certain understanding, warm reminder: the disease symptoms, should go to the regular hospital for examination and treatment in a timely manner.


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