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Advantages Of Phototherapy In The Vitiligo Treatment

Advantages Of Phototherapy In The Vitiligo Treatment Vitiligo is a common skin illnesses, with the development of science and technology, the treatment of vitiligo method is various and phototherapy is the new therapy of vitiligo treatment , many specialist hospital of vitiligo treatment apply this method, and it gets a good results, then what are the advantages of phototherapy in the treatment of vitiligo ? the following information will give u details:

1, phototherapy is a method of treatment is more common in the process of treatment of vitiligo. Including visible light therapy, ultraviolet therapy and laser therapy in the treatment of vitiligo is widely used is the method of ultraviolet therapy and laser therapy.

2, ultraviolet therapy, ultraviolet therapy is mainly referred to as UVB treatment (UVB) wavelength at 280, 320 nm is the strongest activity in ultraviolet band, alone for vitiligo treatment, the treatment principle is by inducing in the lesions of the infiltration of the pathology of T lymph cell apoptosis. The biggest advantage of this treatment is the treatment cycle short, curative effect is good.

3, the method of laser in the treatment of vitiligo, the 308 excimer blast treatment system, the treatment is the pinnacle of vitiligo treatment field, using laser direct role in lesional skin, promote the proliferation of melanin, the increase of tyrosinase activity, this treatment to the body without any side effects, does not hinder the body's normal development, very suitable for child patients with vitiligo, the biggest advantage of this treatment method is safe, it has no any side effects to the body .

Vitiligo hospital experts found from the years of study, the formation of the sun's ultraviolet rays can promote skin melanin,it can help the patients recover normal skin. They from indoor workers than outdoor workers susceptible to vitiligo, common sunlight color black to not see the sun the skin exposed spot than hidden spot easy treatment more facts, confirmed the effects of light on melanin formation. In our hospital by the latest generation 308 nm laser phototherapy methods, let patients with moderate amount of sunlight exposure, or long wave ultraviolet lamp, black light lamp irradiation using advocates who can expose parts try to make the exposure, multi in outdoor activities, to Litong style light, which not only can dilate the blood vessel of skin, accelerate the blood circulation, accelerate cell repair and regeneration, promote the formation of melanin in the skin and also physical fitness, enhance immune function, reduce the occurrence of other diseases, vitiligo to speed up the rehabilitation. From the thousands of pages of information we download the foreign treatment of vitiligo, there are many countries for optical treatment. With phototherapy, the amount of sun exposure, not exposure to strong sunlight, so as not to cause burns.

To sum up, the phototherapy can recovery in patients with melanoma cell growth features, from root solving vitiligo cure difficult problem, is the medical profession recognized treatment of vitiligo the best method; at the same time the therapy is suitable the crowd is wide, quick, lasting effect, suitable for various parts of the treatment, safe and reliable, the most important is no recurrence after cure.


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