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Specialized Treatment For Pregnant Vitiligo Patient

Specialized Treatment For Pregnant Vitiligo PatientWith the development of society, our life is becoming better, but the disease is more floody as well, many mothers are most worried about how to strengthen the protection of themselves, they are worry about whether the breeding of disease will infect to the next generation ? For vitiligo patients , can they give birth to a child? vitiligo experts suggest that mothers who suffer from vitiligo had to begin to worry about whether the baby belly will be affected. If in the course of treatment, treatment of product delivery to the fetus through the placenta, so many mothers therefore suspend the treatment. So, can vitiligo patients take the treatment during pregnancy? Let the vitiligo skin disease vitiligo experts director for our a detailed answers:

Although for vitiligo patients during pregnancy, the treatment of vitiligo is very troublesome, but this does not mean you can't take treatment. Actually, this time patients only need to avoid treatment methods have an impact on the fetus, vitiligo patients should choose proper method and treatment of the pregnant women should pay attention to the treatment to strictly in accordance with the doctor's exhortations, not without treatment or discontinuation of therapy. The expert reminds, patients with pregnancy in the choice of oral care products need to pay special attention to, because for some products may have more obvious side effects on the fetus; pregnant women during the treatment of vitiligo should to the doctor about the safety of products for the treatment. Take appropriate treatment products for pregnant women with no obvious effect, in addition also during pregnancy can take the appropriate ultraviolet irradiation for the treatment of vitiligo. But not all the white parts can take ultraviolet irradiation, then in order to avoid such trouble, 100 percent to ensure the baby's health, it is recommended vitiligo patients during treatment is best not to conceive, in particular, do not get pregnant in the vitiligo progress.

Experts point out that, pregnant vitiligo patients should pay attention to daily care and diet should also strengthen management, do not drink or drink alcoholic beverages: long-term drinking or drinking alcoholic beverages, can effect on maternal health and fetal development. Therefore, pregnant women should be reminded to drink alcohol do not have benefits for the baby.

So how to solve the phenomenon of vomiting! Experts remind pregnant women, they should eat easily digestible food, baked bread, steamed bread, cakes, biscuits, rice or millet porridge, and so on food is easy to digest, in memory of the stomach stay time is short, eat this kind of food can reduce the incidence of vomiting. Experts recommend that pregnant women, patients with vitiligo should eat less more meals: eating time do not have strict rules, want to eat, eat to chew and eat less soup, in between meals drink water or soft drinks. The morning before eating a small amount of food, to relieve nausea and vomiting may also help. Experts pointed out that patients with vitiligo in daily life should eat meals is good for health.


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